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[International / GSM] 1/03/2013 [Maguro] AOKP 4.2.1 MR1 Build 1

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Petrah, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. Petrah

    Petrah Psychotic Female
    Thread Starter

    This is not an official thread, and I am not an AOKP dev. I'm creating this thread for informational purposes for those who do not wish to create an account on other forums. The AOKP Roms you will find located in the link below are created by the Android Open Kang Project team.

    Awesome AOKP Logo by ThaPHLASH
    Maguro Jelly Bean 4.2.1 AOKP
    MR1 Build 1
    Official AOKP Website


    (Apps shown that do *not* come with AOKP: Beautiful Widgets, Apex Launcher Pro, and Vexillum Theme Pack. I am also using JustinBean Inverted Gapps)

    Hit Show to review the features list.
    • Feature List
    • Kernel Used: Faux
    • Built from AOSP
    • Google Now (with voice commands)
    • Navigation bar modification options
    • AOKP Rom Control
    • Notification brightness slider (via longpress notification bar slide, and notification dropdown quick settings toggle slider)
    • Custom Carrier Label
    • Notification dropdown background image (add your own!)
    • Notification count
    • Option to disable boot animation
    • Kernel performance and color options
    • LED options (per app!)
    • SU - SuperSU
    • NFC Polling Mode
    • Quick pin unlock
    • Nova and stock launchers
    • Stock browser
    • Notification drawer toggles (also includes Torch!)
    • Battery status (percent, icon, text, CircleMod & hide)
    • Battery Bar (several customization options & charging animation)
    • Clock (right, center, none, day of the week, am/pm style, & clock color)
    • Phone ringer modifications (flip call to silent, silent/vibrate when headphones are used)
    • Face down audio mode (what to do with the phone when it's placed face down)
    • Several lockscreen settings (no custom targets yet. Soon!)
    • Lockscreen wallpaper changer
    • Weather on lockscreen and notification bar
    • Ability to add calendar events to lockscreen
    • DSP Manager
    • Change music track with volume rocker
    • Theme Chooser - Multi-user theme support is buggy atm, use with caution!
    • Unlink ringer/notification volume
    • Custom AOKP wallpaper app
    • Install Boot Animation Zip from Rom Control
    • Enable 180 Degree Rotation
    • Add "killall" button to recents menu
    • Option to unlink ringer and notification volume
    • Return of down arrow if keyboard is open
    • Quick message support
    • Option to force sms popup (AOKP specific)
    • New navbar ring options for sound and ime switcher
    • Pimped out calculator
    • Stop watch options on clock
    • Edit navigation bar dpi
    • Custom vibration settings
    • Disable sound when adjusting volume
    • Tablet mode
    • LCD density settings
    • Lockscreen music options
    • Custom notification WiFi and Signal settings (text style & color options)
    • OpenVPN supported
    • Flip/Shake the device to snooze/dismiss the alarm
    • Take screenshot from navbar
    • NavBar widgets are back from ICS
    • Highly customizable Lockscreen Ring targets, with a shiny new editor in ROMControl! (also thanks to CM for the base of the framework part)
    • Alternate default app picker (like in GB)
    • Menu UI Overflow Toggle
    • Option to disable vibration for Notification expansion
    • RAM Bar in the Recents panel
    • Timeout and instant lock options for Slide lock
    • VPN Traffic amount in human readable format
    • Allow "Vibrate on Touch" behavior for Slide unlock
    • Toggles can be hidden like in ICS (long press on the settings button!)
    • Clickable (short & long configurable) Clock and Calendar in the Notification Slider
    • Allow any kind & unlimited number of widgets on the lockscreen - NEW!
    • Menu arrow keys in navigation while typing - New!
    • Statusbar transparency - New!
    • Disable safe headset volume warning - New!
    • And probably more that I missed!
    New features are added all the time, and you can follow what's coming on Gerrit!

    Standard Warning: I am not responsible if you screw up your phone. Always backup your apps and other personal stuff along with performing a full backup in recovery before flashing!

    What you will need:

    Snag latest release by date!
    AndroTransfer | Goo-inside.me
    MD5: 5472bfc3d6b170a909575b347f1d1104

    Jelly Bean 4.2.1 Gapps

    Notice: If you are coming from a 4.1.2 or earlier build, you will need to perform a clean flash!

    • Clean flash instructions
    • Reboot into recovery
    • Perform nandroid backup
    • Wipe/Factory Reset
    • Flash AOKP
    • Flash gapps
    • Reboot System

    • Dirty flash instructions
    • Reboot into recovery
    • Perform a nandroid backup
    • Wipe Cache
    • Wipe Dalvik
    • Flash AOKP
    • Flash gapps
    • Reboot system

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  2. Petrah

    Petrah Psychotic Female
    Thread Starter

    Other Info & Goodies

    • 10,231 followers on Twitter
    • 9,414 adds on Google+
    • 2,905 likes on Facebook
    • 180,013 official AOKP installations worldwide (since June)
    • 429,516 custom ROM installations, which are based on AOKP code

    Q: When will the next AOKP update be released?
    A: It will be done Soon™.
    Soon: Copyright 2012 Rom Dev. All rights reserved. "Soon" does not imply any particular date, time, decade, century, or millennia in the past, present, and certainly not the future. "Soon" shall make no contract or warranty between the Rom Dev and the end user. "Soon" will arrive some day, The Rom Dev does guarantee that "soon" will be here before the end of time. Maybe. Do not make plans based on "soon" as the Rom Dev will not be liable for any misuse, use, or even casual glancing at "soon."

    Q: Will AOKP be added to the OTA Update Center?
    A: Roman has stated no. (Source)

    Q: Where is the changelog?
    A: For the time being you'll have to follow the recently merged code on Gerrit.
  3. Trooper

    Trooper Android Expert

    Thanks for posting all of this Petrah appreciate it! :D
  4. TheOozyman

    TheOozyman Member

    I heard that flashing a JB Bootloader first is recommended. Is this true? Also Ive only seen them for Toro..is there any difference?

  5. GrenW

    GrenW Android Expert

    Been flashing AOKP JB builds for weeks now - unofficials then nightlies now the first real build. I've not bothered changing my bootloader at all in that time and see no real need.

    The build is rock solid and is only missing a couple of the features that made their ICS build so strong. I'm sure lockscreen targets and nav bar widgets will be on the menu soon.
    TheOozyman likes this.
  6. Trooper

    Trooper Android Expert

    I actually had random reboots on this build for some reason. Weird as this never happened before.

    I have now switched to cm10. Much better, but Im sure I will be back to AOKP at some point.
  7. TheOozyman

    TheOozyman Member

    Yeah, after reading the dedicated thread over on Rootz Im going to wait a while until its more stable
  8. Trooper

    Trooper Android Expert

    Why are others having issues as well?
  9. GrenW

    GrenW Android Expert

    Wierd....just as stable as their ICS builds were for me. Have not seen many complaining on Rootz
  10. Petrah

    Petrah Psychotic Female
    Thread Starter

    Not sure. Could be any number of things (dirty flash, bad flash, different flashed kernel causing issues, gapps etc etc etc).

    It also could just be the particular phone itself doesn't like the build (sorta like OCing... what min/max may work on one G-Nex may not work on another). I know for me, no matter what version of MIUI I flash I always get system UI crashes even though the majority of others don't have that issue.

    As for AOKP Build 1.. it's rock solid for me.
  11. TheOozyman

    TheOozyman Member

    Well...yeah. I read this entire thread [AOKP JellyBean Build 1 (Official)]

    And theres mixed reviews, so Im not going to take my chances lol.
  12. goheat

    goheat Lurker

    I flashed this ROM on last night and I gotta say I have found it extremely stable. No bugs to report so far. I had JBSourcery on my nexus for a week before that and that ROM is just as stable as this one but with more customization. I love both ROMs. I'm interested to see if they will add more lock screen targets here..
  13. Petrah

    Petrah Psychotic Female
    Thread Starter

    Nightlies to the Build 1 release are being added. Check the downloads!
  14. -Lulu

    -Lulu Android Enthusiast

    I believe i'm going to stick with this build for a while. Only problem iv'e found is if you have a color preset on, and if you reboot your phone, it turns into a blue saturation. You'll then have to go set the preset on again.
  15. Trooper

    Trooper Android Expert

    Only thing that bothers me about this ROM is that after awhile it tends to lag a bit. Also gets stuck on the Google boot logo for a bit.
  16. Petrah

    Petrah Psychotic Female
    Thread Starter

    I think the only one of those that I'm using is the CM Setting under Color Multipliers Tuning. That's the only one that works for me... the others just completely bork the colors.

    I've only experienced one issue with the build from the 29th and that's with the GPS. It searches, locates me, then continues to show up as searching on the notification dropdown. It always locates me quickly though.

    Been so busy with getting plane tickets and making arrangements for company to get here, plus the SO flying in to come home this evening that I haven't had a chance to check the Bug reports to see if someone has reported this issue yet.
  17. Petrah

    Petrah Psychotic Female
    Thread Starter

    New Jelly Bean build is up for Aug 31st!!
  18. -Lulu

    -Lulu Android Enthusiast

    If i install the new build it'll delete everything right?
  19. Trooper

    Trooper Android Expert

    You dont have to delete everything with the nightlies. I wipe cache, dalvik cache, format system then flash the rom and then gapps. Good to go.

    You will not lose anything since you are not wiping data.
  20. -Lulu

    -Lulu Android Enthusiast

    was referring to the apps. I could always use titanium backup..but ehhh
  21. GrenW

    GrenW Android Expert

    Nope. Just wipe cache, dalvik and then flash. All your apps and settings will be kept.
  22. Petrah

    Petrah Psychotic Female
    Thread Starter

    Just to be safe, its best to always perform a nandroid backup even if you dirty flash.
  23. GrenW

    GrenW Android Expert

    True although it takes so long to back up (around 20 mins or so) that I only ever do it every so many flashes. It'll probably work out faster to do a clean flash and restore from TiB.

    Never had a failed flash (clean or dirty) using any rom on any Android phone over the last 3 years......I've just jinxed myself, haven't I? :D
  24. Petrah

    Petrah Psychotic Female
    Thread Starter

    20 minutes? 0.o

    Geeze, mine goes so quickly I don't even notice lol.
  25. idic

    idic Well-Known Member

    Use CWM 6 which features incremental backups. Backups for me take between 30 secs and 2 minutes generally, depending on how much has changed since the last one. And the more often you do them the faster they are. No reason not to any more, in my opinion.
    GrenW likes this.

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