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Sep 15, 2011
Paisley, Scotland, Western Europe
Hmm mine has stopped underlining my bad spelling. Any idea where the setting is?
Cheers :beer:
Looks like even the spell checker has had enough and quit ;)

On a serious note, tried a reboot? That usually sorts out my problems
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Lol. Yeah mate. Might just reflash the rom. Its weird, at first i hated my bad spellin bein pointed out to me but now i miss it. Ive asked on the G+ AOKP community so ill see if anyone has any ideas :):beer:
I don't know why Samsung haven't included it in TW, I think it's a brilliant addition!

Its actually not an addition, but a subtraction!:eek: Its in stock AOSP, but samsung took it out.

It bugs me soo much! My typing is horrid without it :rofl:

Funky, Have you tried a simply cache/dalvik cache yet?

If so, try doing a nandroid, and doing a FULL wipe and reflash to see if that solves it. If it doesnt, restore your nandroid and no harm no foul ;)
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Thanks bro yeah im gona have to do a full wipe. Its just such a pita waiting for my apps to restore lol but i do really miss the feature. Im the clever one in our marriage but my wife is the better speller and im sick of letting her be the smartass because i have to ask her how to spell things. What makes it worse is that she sometimes checks the spelling using her BLACKBERRY CURVE! :banghead::banghead: :D
When you restore nandroid it actually asks what partitions you want restored. Boot (kernel), data, and system (ROM) are all checked by default. Just uncheck what you don't want restored
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