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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by jasonmerc, Apr 26, 2019.

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    I hope I didn't double post this topic, but i saw it was something that can score me internet points so I'm going for it. Its also probably a bit late for an introduction at this point but 20 points are at stake here.

    Hey guys, its me jasonmerc, that same dude on xda. My whole love for Android started as an accident. I used to love all things Apple... Until my first gen iTouch stopped receiving updates, and I saw this "android" thing that I figured I would give a try.

    My first phone was an LG P506 Thrive which I loved dearly... And hard bricked 3 days after getting by flashing the wrong KDZ to it because I was an idiot. This phone got me started on my XDA career. I wasn't even going to make an account to get involved in the community over there or anything, I just made the account so I could get access to a download link to try and unbrick my Thrive. In the end I was unable to fix it, but now I had an account on XDA.

    Over the next couple of years or so I'd post a little every now and then about whatever phone I had at the moment, with my first "contribution" being a guide for how to flash CM11 on the Motorola Bravo. It was nothing brag-worthy for a while, just standard stuff from a standard lurker who would make standard comments about things every now and then.

    It wouldn't be until the summer of 2016 when things would kick off for me that got me really involved in all of this stuff. Amazon released their first Prime phone, the Blu R1 HD. A couple of us guys over there decided to snatch one up as soon as they released for $60. One thing lead to another, and we managed to break into it and get root access within 2 weeks of its release. Because this phone was already in the spotlight as it is (for being a really good device for a really low price from a company like Amazon) our "root method" soon showed up on a couple of gadget related news sites. I, along with the rest of the team, had our small taste of Internet fame for a little while, and were responsible for launching that phone's "community" on that site. As stated before, this is what really got me into the android modding scene.

    Since then I've switched off that phone and to the Holiest of the Holy Moto G4 Play, and have been pretty much using that for the past 2-3 years. I built my first ROM ever for this phone (I couldn't make one for the R1 HD because no one was there to properly teach me at the time) and have made a couple others for a few other similar devices as well--namely that "PAOSP" joke ROM in late 2017.

    That pretty much leaves us to where I am today. I came over to this site because it feels cozier than XDA, as per my man @bcrichster's recommendation. It's got more of that small-group feeling to it, like everyone's a bit closer over here. Also because I can link Telegram groups in my posts without having to worry about someone hanging me for it. Long story short you guys seem nice here.

    As of writing this post, my future ambitions are to kickstart the Orbic Wonder community in the similar way that I did the R1 HD one. Although the Orbic is a bit late and perhaps falling into obscurity by this point, our small group managed to do a whole lot to that phone in not a lot of time. Since my G4 Play is only getting older and slower with every passing day (hell, the thing was pretty much outdated even when the thing first came out), I hope to soon buy and transition over to the Orbic so I can be of more help to the community by being able to do things with it myself, rather than relying on others to test stuff out for me which I'm doing now. If we're lucky and God is with us, maybe we can get a fully functioning Nougat Custom ROM on that thing (not even gonna dare wish for Oreo or beyond at this point, especially since we don't even have this thing's kernel source code yet) Cross your fingers this works out! It's a hell of a device for the price range, it would be a shame to have something so good go unnoticed like it has been prior to this last week or so.

    Anyway, that's all about me. I look forward to filling up this site with lots of quality content that's fun for the whole family.

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    yeah i hear you. i remember way back in the htc evo days, when u head over to xda there were dev fights and drama galore. i have not really been over there save to help a few members here and going there for info and such.

    i'm glad you are here in AF. it is really a great community here. i have been away for awhile, but now i'm back.
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    Glad to be here too. Just wish this site had as much of a far-reacing audience as XDA does so more people can see the great work people post here. For example, I had no idea there was this much ZTE ZMAX support out there. If you only went off of what you saw on XDA like I did you'd think there's nothing, but then you come over here and there's fully functioning Nougat ROMs!

    Then again, maybe its a good thing that we're small. Maybe then I can feel safer about posting bootloader unlock methods (*cough*Orbic*cough*) without having to worry about carriers catching wind of the news and patching it out and spoiling the fun for everyone
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    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!

    couldn't you hide the process in the

    spoiler feature?

    would not that hide from google searches? i do not know myself never really tried looking that way.
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    Welcome to the Android Forums @jaspnmerc!
    What took you so long?
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  6. Unforgiven

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    Welcome to AndroidForums @jasonmerc. Better late than never. I moved this to the intro forum so you get the points you seek. :p
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    I'd heard about this site a long time ago (phandroid it used to be called?) but didn't make an account because you guys didn't force people to do so to get download links

    I can never get anything right can I
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    @jaspnmerc I used to hang around XDA-Developers back in the early PocketPC/Windows Mobile days. Mostly for the apps not the ROMs. I and probably most Android Forums members are Users not Developers. Back then I could afford to void my warranty. Not so much now.
    I will admit I kinda miss those flamewars from back then though... Since Android came out that kind of behavior is frowned upon most severely.
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  9. maire5

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    Better late than never they say!
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  10. iam33three

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    I have a verizon orbic wonder and have done the redwolf recovery and magisk. If there is some way i can help let me know. I can test but i dont know a lot. I just want a custom rom to put on this phone.

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