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Is is just me or are teh SDX forums down?

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by psyspyder, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. psyspyder

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    I am Psyspyder!

    I have a Samsung Transform running Vampirfo's Froyo port. I gave up on waiting for Sprint/Samsung. My phone is a real phone now. It usxed to be a buggy mess.

    I haven't been able to get on the SDX Developers site at all. I even tried from a proxy server. Any ideas why they might be down? Or is it just me?

    - Psy

    P.S. Thanks for everyone's support on the forum. I have been lurking since I used to have a Samsung Moment (well over a year now) and I learned how to root here.


  2. Welcome to AF, What is SDX? Is it like our XDA forum? I am guessing its related to SamSUX?
  3. psyspyder

    psyspyder Lurker
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    I have to agree with the SamSux thing. I think I am done with Samsung after this. I'm probably even be done with Sprint for lying about the whole thing.

    Yeah, SDX Developers is a group of developers similar to XDA. One of their members (Vampirfo) came out with a working froyo port for the Samsung Transform. He hacked the Samsung/Sprint Intercept Froyo update, and made it work on the Transform. It's darn close to perfect.

    I've come to accept that it's probably the best the Transform will ever be :(. Samsung/Sprint just don't seem to care. I can't believe they came out with an Intercept update and not one for the Transform or the Epic.

    But rumor has it that an official Epic froyo release is on the horizon.

    The site is www.sdx-developers.com . I've never seen them down before
  4. Well thank god for the open developers as Samsung has history of leaving people out there hanging lol so I guess you folks are really grateful to those Dev's for keeping it alive. Far as the site goes ya it maybe temporarily down as its not working on my end also.
  5. psyspyder

    psyspyder Lurker
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    Well, thanks for checking. Its been down since about 11P last night.

    I've been trying to find the Hotspot Remover fix. Because Sprint in all thier glory limped the froyo hotspot feature by making thier own system level hotspot feature app that requires a login - thus requiring an additional monthly fee to get it to function.

    The site went down before I was able to download the fix. Hopefully they will be back up soon. I'm just hoping that Sprint/Samsung hasn't made them shut down until they remove the froyo port or something (not like that kind of thing ever happens on the web).
  6. psyspyder

    psyspyder Lurker
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    The Transform is only 4 months old. It was released mid October 2010. It was promised to ship with froyo - it didn't - it shipeed with 2.1 instead - It was buggy and slow . . .

    They promised froyo by the end of the year, so we all bought the phone on that promise - it didn't happen . . .

    Here it is the end of February, and Samsung's official reply on the matter is that there is not even "any speculation as to when/if there will be an update for the Transform".

    In other words, the phone is dead in 4 months, even though they still sell it.
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