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Just popping in to say hi before i start reading to find answers to my questions, the only one i will mention in here, is i cant see my android listed, its the scroll essential by storage options, but i will keep looking. anyway 49yr old being driven crazy, but loving the android freedom and not bowing down to all those apples :)


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Hello MrsMaggot (great user name :D). Welcome to the forums.

Sorry to see that we don't have the Scroll Essential (Scroll Essential 7" Tablet - Storage Options - Technology Without Compromise) as a sub-forum yet. We do have a few areas that may have users of that device, including the Android Lounge (Android Lounge - Android Forums) which is a place where overall, general Android talk is always going on, along with queries by folks just like you who may not have a listed device or may not have found it here yet. ;)

Also, http://androidforums.com/general-tablet-talk/ is a great place to have a look for tab info and queries.

Good luck.. and be sure to post any issues or questions you have, there are a lot of helpful folks populating this place. :)


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thank you, im sure from the number that got sold over xmas, there will be a few more people logging on thanks for the pointers, off to look now