Feb 14, 2021
I drive a 2005 Chevrolet Silverado 2500hd. I installed a kenwood dpx500bt head unit. I've been playing music off of pandora for over on this head unit for over a year. One day when I first paired with it, it did this before but I unpaired it and paired again and it stopped. But now it won't stop. What it's doing is first it starts skipping tracks in an album. I'll be listening to a song and a quarter of the way through it skips to the next song. So what I did was I made it so it can't skip and put it on cycle one track. So then it cycles through the sources on its own instead. It'll be on bt radio, then to iheartradio, then pandora radio, standby, tuner.... it beeps as if someone is pressing the controls on the head unit. The reason I believe its the phone is cause when I turn Bluetooth off (unpair) it stops. I just listen to the fm radio now. It never does it unless the phone is linked. But the problem with that theory is you can't skip sources through the phone. There's no controls within pandora or on the phone that change the sources. You can change tracks within pandora but not sources. Im stumped. Maybe the head unit has become too old and incompatible with my device? I've had it 3 different vehicles now. I also have controls on my steering wheel for volume and tracks. It also does not change sources. There's been some reports in other forums that says to turn off emergency broadcast or something like that in other kenwood head units but mine doesn't have that option. It's not stuck on demo mode either. Maybe it is the head unit.
Can you turn off "emergency broadcast" in the phone? That's a US-specific feature, so I don't know because I don't have a US handset, but it is a phone feature so I'd expect the option (if they allow you) to be on the phone rather than the head unit.