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LG Leon MS 345: Huge System Data

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by TrainerStorm, Jan 5, 2018.

  1. TrainerStorm

    TrainerStorm Lurker
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    Hello, new here with a huge problem. As the title says, the system data on my phone is taking up a huge amount of space on the internal storage
    The phone only has 8 GB to begin with, and System Data is taking up 4.35 GB
    There have been a lot of forums with the same question, but none of them helped
    I tried rooting it, but the only guide I've found so far you have to pay for, and I'm not huge on spending more money that this phone is worth
    So if there's anyone that can help me by either rooting or some other solution, I'd really appreciate the help

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  2. TrainerStorm

    TrainerStorm Lurker
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  3. Astr4y4L

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    Obvious question in my mind
    Whats taking up 4+ GB of space in Misc....

    have you done a factory reset?
    that'd clear what ever it is...
    you did say
  4. TrainerStorm

    TrainerStorm Lurker
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    Oh, yeah I've tried that multiple times now
    Each time it would fix it, only to happen again the next day

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