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LG Optimus F3 Or Just A Repackaged Elite??

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Curtis1973, Jul 19, 2013.

  1. zuul

    zuul Member

    me too... i hated to get rid of my elite and the $25 plan but 69 bucks (no sales tax here) was too good a deal to pass up. got it on the last day of the sale. it will probably go on sale again after xmas. based on their previous sale schedules.

    so far so good. i was surprised to see that with the included file manager i could actually delete some of the virgin mobile bloatware...

    i'll continue to use my elite for streaming audio at work... and just leave it on my desk...

    the f3 seems to be what the elite should have been in the first place. basically the same size but bigger screen and way faster out of the box. and i can confirm good battery life... fully charged it last night and still at 73% almost 24 hours later.

    i will miss the elite root forum... have been using forums or bbs's of one form or another for close to 20 years... this board was always really laid back and i hardly ever saw a post where a mod had to single out someone... i see it way more frequently within other forums in this space...

    anyway... peace out...

    and a special shout out to artine for all his hard work here and on sleipnir... i probably held on to the elite 6 or 7 months longer than i would have because it's such a good rom.


  2. inarimi

    inarimi Newbie

    ive had the f3 since right after it came out. Just the fact that it has TRUE LTE capability makes it better than a lot of phones for the price. My bf has the l9 and granted id rather have the bigger screen i cant give up my data speed. I get 100mbs DLd in a few mins. Compared to whats out there for the price its way worth it if u r in an area where u get good service with your provider. Plus the battery life is great, as was stated.
  3. DirtyDee

    DirtyDee Android Expert

    Reminds me more of lg motion than elite
  4. dgo700

    dgo700 Newbie

    holy sht the battery on the f3 lasts me the whole day the back camera super sexy the only downside is the internal storage u only get like 1 gig for apps and u cnt move em to ur sd card unless u partion it with aparted and link em to the sd card. im still into the elite also testing out these roms. i wanna thank artine and phenomx4 for always making something to make the elite better.
  5. NetSpeedZ

    NetSpeedZ Android Enthusiast

    I see Virgin Mobile has the F3 on sale for $89.99. Looks like sale ends today.

    If I had the money, I might try it. Three reasons I'm sticking with the Elite:

    1. The $25.00 Grandfather plan ("im cheap :D)
    2. The development for AOKP 4.2.2 makes the Elite a solid phone.
    3. Sprint/Virgin Mobile is upgrading their cell towers across the country. That should equate to better speeds.

    If the price should drop below the current sale of $89.99 and I've got the extra cash, I might try the F3.

  6. DirtyDee

    DirtyDee Android Expert

    That LTE and trust me kitkit not kit sub gig of ram it not too great
  7. NetSpeedZ

    NetSpeedZ Android Enthusiast

    My research has found rooting the F3 clears up the memory issues.

  8. Kasenomateru

    Kasenomateru Android Enthusiast

    I got my F3 at best buy for $78.99, and it was worth it
  9. NetSpeedZ

    NetSpeedZ Android Enthusiast

    Just curious if you still use an LG Optimus F3? If so, are you using it with just the rooted stock ROM?

    I was having quite a few problems with voice quality using the LG Optimus Elite - for the last five months or so. I live in the Phoenix AZ valley and discovered Sprint is upgrading all the towers in the area so waited until that was complete. Now that this cell tower upgrade is completed, I continue to get really bad voice quality through the VirginMobile network but when I use a 3rd party app for making calls (GrooveIP), voice quality is really good. That tells me it isn't the phone itself but the service.

    I filed a Better Business Bureau complaint on this. Sprint is currently diagnosing the voice quality issues, however, in the mean time the customer service representative I'm working with generously offered me (at no cost to me) the option of a new LG Optimus F3 or HTC One V. According to VirginMobile website, the HTC One V is not 4G so I opted for the F3. Should be getting that tomorrow (5-22-14).

    Apologies for the long story, just wanted to clarify why I was asking if you continue to use the F3 and how you currently have it setup.

    Would appreciate your input.

  10. ronii

    ronii Well-Known Member

    I have the rooted stock ROM with xposed for taste xD
  11. Kasenomateru

    Kasenomateru Android Enthusiast

    What is Xposed exactly I heard of it but I don't know much about it, and is it root only app?
  12. DirtyDee

    DirtyDee Android Expert

    Yes root only, it add functionality to your rom otherwise you would need to change roms
  13. Kasenomateru

    Kasenomateru Android Enthusiast

    Prepare to root it and partition an Sd card because of low internal memory but that's the only downfall of this device other than that it's a good phone. I wish there was more development for it
  14. Kasenomateru

    Kasenomateru Android Enthusiast

    Okay, Thanks for the clarification
  15. NetSpeedZ

    NetSpeedZ Android Enthusiast

    Appreciate the tip. Xposed is nice. I know there is also the XtremeEngine for theming. Have you used this and if so, is there a theme that will 'darken' the Android Settings? I prefer to look at 'inverted' apps, etc.

  16. NetSpeedZ

    NetSpeedZ Android Enthusiast

    Yep, rooted it in the first hour I had the phone. Would like to find a theme that darkens the settings menu. I prefer the 'inverted' look. Easier on eyes and helps with battery.


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