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LG PC Suite

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by JeffB, Nov 20, 2019.

  1. JeffB

    JeffB Lurker
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    My first posting to this forum. I am not a heavy techy and try to minimize apps loaded on my phone. The most recent update to my LG G6 phone changed my ability to connect to my PC. When I plug the USB cable into my laptop, I no longer obtain a prompt on the phone to share files, but rather nothing. The file manager (on PC) shows the phone is there, but nothing in it. I can no longer transfer photos/music from/to the phone.
    So LG now has an app for my computer called LG PC Suite that makes file transfers easier. I would not call this easier because transfers were really easy before this change. The PC suite app install requires me to close all programs and reboot my computer, which is not only inconvenient, but slightly disturbing. I'm not a conspiracy theory person, but am suspect of LG wanting to monitor what I am transferring.

    My question to this forum is how to bypass this silly software and transfer files like before. I use an Android phone because I like some control over files, folders, and content.

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  2. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!

    you can always use something like airdroid and transfer the files wirelessly.
  3. oliviamia039

    oliviamia039 Newbie

    I checked this app. this is grate

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