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LG V30, V35 or other?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by SamWin, Mar 29, 2019.

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    I want to get a new phone - and yes, I have an old, out of date, decent phone. Currently I am using the LG G5 (let the gasps and looks of horror start now). On several occasions I had begun to upgrade my phone in the last year/year and a half.
    I was going to get the G6, but personally, did not like the second screen (and a few other quirks that I couldn't get past). By the time I was trying to finalize my decision on a phone, the G7 came out, then the V30, and even the V35. I ruled out the G7 right away: I do not like the notch at the top of the screen display (I know you can alter that) but I also do not like the shape of the phone - I prefer the more classic rectangle shape of a phone like the V30 over a more elongated, panoramic look (I do not like the way pages and regular apps display on a panoramic phone - movie and videos look great, but I rarely use my phone for those purposes). This leads me to the LG V40 ThinQ - as I was researching and debating between V30 and V35, the V40 came out - but as mentioned with the G7, I do not like that shape - therefore, as much as I like all the other features of the V40, I can't get past the shape or size.
    When I first got onto LG phones, I thought I would really hate the power button on the back, but that has become one of my favorite features - I really can't understand why ALL phones don't do it. You don't bump it and it is very ergonomic - I thought it would be hard to use and inconvenient - but having bad hands (nerve damage and pain), having the power button on the back has been SO convenient. I like the overall functionality of the phone (how the icons are located, the accessibility of the widgets, and the ease with which I can set up and personalize the phone). The cameras are not the best, but I've certainly used worse, and I do enjoy the wide screen option (I take more nature shots then selfies or portraits - so the wide screen option is a wonderful plus).

    Here are the things that are most important to me, in regards to what I'm looking for in a phone.
    1. I am want to buy my phone outright, so would prefer the phone to be around (or under) $500. Though, if a phone comes highly recommended - 'a must have' - I will spend up to $650. Seeing as I will be buying my phone, I would like it unlocked (not attached to a particular carrier or that it can be unlocked from that carrier). Compatible with both CDMA and GSM networks would be best, but
    I prefer a CDMA network, only because of the carriers/service that we have in our area work better with CDMA.
    2. I do NOT want an iPhone of any kind, no matter how highly recommended it comes. I will never do business with Apple/Mac ever again. Besides not liking their programming, I have multiple reasons for not wanting to deal with them, or their product ever again. I know there are people who swear by the iPhone, and that's fine and they're entitled to like what they like, but I will never be an iPhone convert. So, thank you, but no thanks.
    3. Phone MUST have a headphone jack and a good audio output through said jack. I use Bluetooth ear buds on occasion, but because I use my music so frequently, I refuse to be constantly charging a set of ear buds - and there's always that 'in case of an emergency' when those buds lose their charge.
    4. As mentioned above, I have problems with my hands. As much as I'd love a giant phone (something in the size of the 6.4 inch), anything larger than a 6", will be extremely difficult for me to grip and handle - which will inevitably lead to added drops on my part. So, 6" screen would be optimal.
    5. Good hardware and software for good antenna strength. As old as my phone is, I still get pretty good service, even where newer, 'better' phones fail. I live just outside a big city - so I can go from having great antenna strength (because of the amount of antennas) to very poor, or no antenna strength. So a good internal antenna would be wonderful.
    6. I would like a decent camera (I know the Samsung S10 is excellent, but can't afford it and I know the iPhone takes great pictures, but see reason #2 above). I use my phone at a lot of concerts, so good nighttime photos and a good image stabilizer would also be appreciated.
    I would love to stay with LG if possible. I have read excellent reviews on both the V30 and the V35. Upon researching both phones, found that neither have great speakers, but I rarely use my speakers, more often the jack. The cameras have definitely improved since my model, but have read they could still use improvement. Upon more research, was beginning to lean towards the V35 because of the 6gb of ram and a couple other features, but then also found this upon researching the V35 further: the AI feature that is incorporated into the phone (for the photography and other things) was reported by one customer to randomly turn on apps, such as navigation/location without the operator doing it. They continually turned it off, only for it to turn off the nav again. I do not know if this was a fluke on that one phone, a setting to do with permissions that could be undone, or just a built in 'glitch' on the part of the AI programming. I know that our phones can be tracked anyways (SIM card, etc) - but I do prefer not having my location tracked, if possible - plus it's an additional drain on the battery that I find unnecessary.
    I don't know that anyone would recommend either of these phones, or if there is a better option in the same price range. I have had Samsung in the past, but found that another thing I liked about the LG, was regardless if my phone was due for an update, or just updated - even if parts of the phone's software or hardware were out of date, rarely did I suffer any issues with going online or programs/apps functioning smoothly. On the other hand, when I had Samsung, it seemed like no matter how much I updated my phone, there were frequently problems with slow loading, 'lag', etc (I'm sure Samsung has improved on this in the years since I owned one... I hope).
    Upon researching phones, I found a One Plus and even a Huawei Mate as being recommended as worth buying/looking into. I am not familiar with a One Plus and had a Huawei years ago that was a very average phone (let's just say I didn't think I would ever buy one again, because I was not impressed with it - but times change).
    So basically, beyond an iPhone, I am open to looking into pretty much any phone, if it comes highly recommended. As much as I'd love to stick with LG, if there is a phone in the same price bracket, but a better phone for the money, I would love to hear about it.
    I really appreciate you taking the time to read this and am very grateful for any help.


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