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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by MurugaDas, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. MurugaDas

    MurugaDas Member
    Thread Starter

    this isn't really important but I though it was funny, so I had some issue so I flashed the stock android all went well, then I flashed ticker cm7(thank you so much for your efforts!) well when I flashed it, it was stuck on the 'M' logo. Couldn't figure out was wrong, I did the factory reset and everything. Then I realized I was no longer rooted. I felt like the jack ass that calls to complain that his/her computer isn't working and the guy CS Rep asks is your computer turned on. The guy/gal check and low and behold it was unplugged lol

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  2. nashti13

    nashti13 Member

    ... Good for you???? :thinking:
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  3. MurugaDas

    MurugaDas Member
    Thread Starter

    why the question mark, it was just a simple very fixable mistake I did, I thought it was kinda funny because of how simple of a mistake it was. From the title "lol" should tell you that this was a light hearted post.

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