Apr 27, 2023
Hello all,

I accidentally got my photos erased from my samsung phone running android 12. The case is complex and most people tell me it's not possible to recover the data. While I definitely don't want to be fed false hope or placebo data recovery solutions, the erased photos mean a lot to me, and I would like a confirmation from a reputed DATA RECOVERY EXPERT that given my set of circumstances it's indeed hopeless, before I let go of this. So far I only have opinions of a few local tech people and a couple of forum members that it's impossible.

Anyone with a track record and expertise specifically in data recovery on android 12 / top-range samsung phones can help?

I am willing to pay consultancy fees in advance and also a bonus in case of successful data recovery.

It's going to depend largely on whether those data files have been overwritten: and the longer the phone is used, the worse the situation gets. I know how I would feel if I lost precious photos from my phone... and I'm sure you've already heard the lecture about the importance of backups so I'll spare you.

That said, I would not leave this to someone local. You'll probably want to search online for "forensic file recovery" and look at their reviews. There's no guarantee that they can recover all your data (if any), and it's not cheap. Good luck.
Have you tried looking on the PC itself?
Have you opened the recycle bin / trash can on the PC? There might be remnants in there....
There also may be something left in the windows temp folder.
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If you didn't bother with setting up some kind of backup solution before, now is the time to do so. From this point onward you shouldn't expect your phone to be a dependable sole source to retain your data. Smartphones are just not a safe to be used as long-time archiving. They get lost, damaged, or corrupted, or in this instance photos inadvertently deleted. Backups are important.
Try Samsung's Smart Switch utility, it might already be installed on your phone
There's also Samsung's basic backup service in the Settings menu, as is Google's (that covers Google data and Google services).

I'd suggest you just accept you've lost those precious photos and move forward past this. You can continue hoping there's a magic fix for this, and you can throw money away to those claiming to be able to restore your photos, but at some point you have this phone that you should be using to serve your needs, not getting yourself more and more frustrated.