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Looks like they finally did it in USA

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by guyweathersby, Aug 10, 2010.

  1. guyweathersby

    guyweathersby Newbie
    Thread Starter

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  2. barry99705

    barry99705 Android Expert

    That's a little steep for a phone running 1.6.
  3. nb_mitch

    nb_mitch Android Enthusiast

    That is allot steep for a phone running 1.6. It is allot steep for a Fruity4 :D

    Can't believe anyone would price themselves above Apple, I guess they really don't want to sell many :thinking:
  4. Djidea

    Djidea Member

    It is expensive. But the nexus one Was $529. So its on par with the out of contract price.
  5. kcs7272

    kcs7272 Android Expert

    The Nexus One did not launch with 1.6 though. Also I had a Streak and got rid of it. There are some nice things about it (screen size is awesome) but over all
    it is just meh.

    You need to download ADW to use your home screen in portrait and will continue to need it even after 2.1. You definitely need better keyboard until the 2.1 update. Also the contacts and dialer are FUGLY as well as the gallery, although these will be remedied with 2.1 if they ever release the update.

    For as long as Dell took to release this phone / tablet / phablet, they could have done better. Also the notification bar is ANNOYING the way it is split up.

    I really wanted to love this device, as far as hardware (build quality and look) it is great!
  6. Djidea

    Djidea Member

    I just couldn't wait any longer. They took too long and now it's still coming out with 1.6 even after the mystery delay. I went out an got the samsung captivate. I don't know if 1 more inch of screen space and front cam with rear cam flash is worth it for me. It may be for others. I'll just keep my captivate. And maybe down the road when it gets the updates and I actually get to see it and hold one, I might just buy it out of contract. But I'm cool with what I got. I really wanted a streak too. Oh well. Hope it's awesome for the wait people had to go through.
  7. nb_mitch

    nb_mitch Android Enthusiast

    I am not comparing "Off contract prices", but you are correct, that price is a little high, but not out of bounds, although everything I have read says it is still locked onto At&t at that price.

    The price I am not happy with is the "contract price of $300". When the UK 02 released at Free with contract and almost all Android devices released in the last 6 months were $200 or less. I just don't get the premium. If it was released with OS 3.0, 1.2ghz processor, etc. etc. etc, then maybe it would be worth a little more. But except the screen size, there is nothing magical about this device. And even the screen is just a basic LCD, nothing special after you get over the 5". The device still have a huge screen, but once you get past that, it is almost a 1 year old device.
  8. kcs7272

    kcs7272 Android Expert

    I had my Streak for less than a day, sold it and bought another Vibrant to replace the one I sold to buy the Streak. You will be fine with the Captivate.
  9. Djidea

    Djidea Member

    Can I ask why you got rid of the dell streak that fast?
  10. kcs7272

    kcs7272 Android Expert

    The screen was awesome but that is where it ends. Had to download ADW to have my home screen work in portrait. Downloaded Better Keyboard because the stock was soooooooo small.

    The dialer was more plain than the very first WinMo dialer and the contacts were worse, the dialer and contacts looked like a computer from 1987. The loudspeaker was loud but of so so quality as was the earpiece volume.

    It was snappy on the net or to download things via wifi and edge. I figured if I was going to stay with a phone until something awesome like the HTC Glacier or Desire HD come out the Vibrant was more polished and that super AMOLED screen is BEAUTIFUL!

    Also my Vibrant will be getting 2.2 before or around the same time Dell releases 2.1 for the Streak.
  11. the nexus one launcher with 1.6 eight months ago
  12. techrider62

    techrider62 Android Enthusiast

    Received my streak today paid full price and i will be selling my N1 and keeping it.This thing will be awesome with 2.2.I really like the screen and the size over all.
  13. Newcron

    Newcron Newbie

    The US Streak will not be getting 2.1, it will go straight to 2.2.
  14. epi117

    epi117 Lurker

    its not to bad, sold my 1phone 4 on craigslsit for $640.00 and paid the $529 for streak. just got it last night, so far so good.

    love the 5in screen

    the price was reasonable for what i wanted.

    not going to judge it to harshly just waiting on 2.1 or 2.2 to make final call, but as a old HTC advantage user this is heads up better

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