Looks Like XDA has the ROM and system files up already


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depends on how long it takes to root it. and it also depends on when 2.2 comes out because it may not even be worth it


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Well, basically its a way to have another version of Android on your phone and its goodies. So say you have a nexus one but really like HTC's sense, you can get a custom android version that has sense on it. Stuff like that (I believe).

Sometimes custom ROMs will give you updates your carriers aren't pushing out, and features they hid. So you bet your ass that when FroYo drops, you can grab it for your Evo, complete with the free tethering feature Sprint will likely disable.

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devs can take the stock roms and tweak them. changing clock speeds, adding/removing apps, changing screens, and also adding newly leaked roms before the official versions are released. example, the 2.1 sprint hero rom was out on rooted phone by the end of 2009, but non rooted phones had to wait til just a few days ago to get it officially from sprint/htc.