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Making my own simple app or I have to get an Iphone :(

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by Mmueslis, Oct 17, 2014.

  1. Mmueslis

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    Hello everyone!

    I have the following problem. There is an app that I need badly for work. Unfortunately it just exists for iOS. I have an iPad so I bought it and use it. But, I am now working in an environment where I cant have my Ipad always around me (too big). So, as I still have a Symbian phone, I want to buy a new one and I want it to be an Android.

    So the app I want Is noothing complex. In it you have an image and on the image you can click on the names and then you get the next image, where there are more names. That's exactly what I want and I have done that already making folders (because the app works only online but I dont have internet everywhere). It would be much better if I create an offline app without folders so I can click and get to the pictures more easily. So the names would be interconnected.

    So I you ask you, is this possible? Its very simple in my thoughts. I don't want to spend more money so the creation had to be free. And I have 0 programming knowledge, but I am good with computers. What app creation software would you recommend? Also the app would have to be 100% private, because I bought it for iOS, but making it public for android would be illegal. If I cant make it...damn I would have to get an iPhone :(

    Thank you guys, appreciate it!


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