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Mhl help

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by Apostle777, Dec 9, 2019.

  1. Apostle777

    Apostle777 Lurker
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    Hi-new here. Have the S8, love the phone, but its seen some wear and tear. Looking to upgrade, but we need MhL compatibility. Is there a way to convert any device to be MhL compatible? Can this be rooted to make this happen?
    I use my phone for teaching, so my ability to play videos and movies on a TV is Paramount. I have no internet or wifi being that I live in the country. Anyone please help

  2. Hadron

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    MHL support peaked around 2013-14 and has been declining strongly since.

    But presumably it doesn't need to be MHL: USB-C to HDMI support would do what you want, and is far more widely available these days. In fact everything I've ever read says that S8 doesn't support MHL (Samsung dropped this with the S6 or S7), which makes me wonder whether you aren't already using this with the S8? I wouldn't put it past some blog or even retailer calling this MHL out of ignorance (it does the same job so they assume it's the same thing).
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  3. Apostle777

    Apostle777 Lurker
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    Hi- thanks for the response!
    Yes that's exactly what I'm looking for.. and yes as you said that was an ATT rep that called it MHL. The cable I have is USB-C to HDMI.. I tried a new Moto z4 didnt work at all, motorola said you have to have chromecast. Went back to my old s8, works fine. But I did call samsung, they said any new model of their phones do not support this without mirrorcast or chromecast..
  4. mikedt

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    If you get a S9, S10, Note9 or Note10, I'm sure you can use Samsung's Dex Station with those phones, and this has hardware HDMI video out, NO wireless required.

    Huawei does something similar as well, with MateDock for their Mate series phones, and that's what I've got. It has hardware HDMI and analog VGA video out, NO wireless required.

    These accessories are so you can use your phone as like a PC.

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