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Mobile Charger: Pebble or JustMobile?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Harry2, Oct 29, 2010.

  1. Harry2

    Harry2 Extreme Android User
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    I'm happy with JustMobile Gum Pro as mobile charger for my Desire.
    And I wondered for the big amount of posts about Pebble in this forum and so little about JustMobile.
    So I decided to have a closer look at the famous Pebble.
    And I have to say, I like the features list of Pebble, too. It's a good choose.

    Pebble: Li-Ion battery with 5000mAh, input 5V/1000mA, output 5V/ 950mA
    JustMobile: Li-Ion battery with 4400mAh, input 5V/1000mA, output 5V/1000mA

    Pebble: Weight 138 grams, 100 x 56 x 13 mm
    JustMobile: Weight 120 grams, 69 x 54 x 22 mm

    Both charger itself are fast charged with 1000mA
    Both charger are fast charging the Desire with 1000mA
    No worry about capacity: Both charger are charging the Desire about two times.

    Charger input.
    Pebble: Special socket for cable with special plug to USB
    JustMobile: miniUSB socket for standard USB data cable with miniUSB to USB

    Charger output.
    Pebble: USB socket for cable with special socket + microUSB adaptor to microUSB
    JustMobile: USB socket for standard USB data cable with USB to microUSB

    About the Pebble adaptors:
    You have noticed that you must use this special microUSB adaptor if you want the Desire to charge with 1000mA?
    A guy has posted in a Pebble thread that he has lost this special microUSB adaptor.
    Since then he uses a standard USB data cable with the Pebble for charging his Desire.
    Therefore, the phone takes the double time for charging because it's charging only with "USB" (= 500mA).

    My conclusion:
    I just love the JustMobile because of its simple input/output design (oh, better would be miroUSB instead of miniUSB as input :) ).
    No need for special cables/adaptors. I can use the USB data cable from the HTC charger.
    And if I want to charge my old SonyEricsson I will use the SE USB data cable.

    This is my personal opinion about the Pebble adaptors.
    You may see more the universal benefits of this adaptors.
    As I said in the beginning of my post: I like the features list of Pebble, too. It's a good choose :)

    Note: Particularly heavy use of Google Translate :)

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