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most of the great apps on the market require 2.3!? WTF

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by millenium, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. millenium

    millenium Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    whats the eta on the update, im new here had my triumph since mid- november. besides some software issues, im loving the phone.

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  2. Whyzor

    Whyzor Android Expert

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  3. millenium

    millenium Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    wow, it seems complicated. i may get the nerve to try this :(
  4. marc12868

    marc12868 Android Expert

    It really isn't all that complicated... Just follow all the steps. The triumph is virtually unbrickable... Noone so far has had a true bricked triumph.
  5. soundping

    soundping Well-Known Member

    After installing ClockworkMod doing a backup then installing the CyanogenMod 7 and Gapps it took me a about 22 minutes and it was the first time I've done something like this.

    You'll need a spare SD card to store your backup in case you want to jump back to factory ROM for some reason. A 2gig SD card will do.

    Always feel free to ask any questions here. The people here are trustworthy. :)
  6. agentc13

    agentc13 Daleks Über Alles

    You can have the backup on your normal SD card. I don't have any extras. I have saved some backups on my computer though.

    p.s. It is really easy to do, like others have been saying. Just follow the instructions closely and you will be just fine.
  7. 2.3 is the natural upgrade from 2.2, of course developers are going to take advantage of its new features and make apps designed for it.

    thats just how the world works.

    what sucks is we dont have an "official" update, but I wholeheartedly recommend trying CM7 or MIUI out. AWESOME roms.

    CM7 is basically stock gingerbread, with a bunch of cool settings that you can utilize, or completely ignore and keep it working like stock android.
  8. millenium

    millenium Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    i have plenty of old micro sds from older phones, i might do this over the weekend

  9. the roms install to the phone itself, if you didnt know that.

    you can change the SDs all you want, you flash the roms over the firmware thats already in the phone
  10. millenium

    millenium Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    no i was talking about the 2gb sd card that came with the phone, i could use that to back up the rom on, i have a 4gb class 4 im using now. Which custom ROM is "better" CM7 or Miui in your opinions?
  11. jagris

    jagris Newbie

    CyanogenMod (CM7) has a huge following, I recommend it. I have used it on my old Captivate also. MIUI is not open source so there is that if you are all about open software. I think MIUI was also originally a Chinese ROM ported to English.
  12. millenium

    millenium Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    ok ive got my stock backed up with clockwork, im gonna use CM7 and i have downloaded gapps i guess im good to go, i will try it when i get home from work! :D:D:D thx alot guys

    EDIT: installed it in 10 mins all my apps are redownloading from google backup i,, be up and running before i get to work!!! sweet THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!

  13. just wait till you find out about cm7 themes (make sure to use only HDPI themes) and home replacements. its a world of fun customization.

    MIUI really is the same thing, but they revamped the entire UI. if your used to stock android it will seem weird, as its more "iOS" in the way it does certain things. the menus are all switched around and re organized, the default launcher doesnt have a app drawer. but you can install any launcher.

    in my opinion, the themes and overall "look and feel" is better on MIUI. it improves on everything android doesnt do "just right" but it wont "feel" like android. feels like a hybrid of ios and android, but its very, VERY good.
  14. soundping

    soundping Well-Known Member

    Good to hear. :)
  15. ecarlson

    ecarlson Well-Known Member

    Just out of curiosity, which apps require 2.3? I'm guessing some games, but since I rarely play games, what non-game apps require 2.3? I want to know if I'm missing out on any good non-game apps because I still have the stock firmware on my Triumph.
  16. millenium

    millenium Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    its mostly games that require 2.3 im playing galaxy on fire now couldnt get it before and im gonna get modern combat and NOVA 2 HD

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