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MOTO BING: Microsoft Seeking Android Coup (Worse Than We Thought?)

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by phandroid, Mar 11, 2010.

  1. phandroid

    phandroid Admin News Bot
    Thread Starter

    Apr 12, 2008
    Burning the midnight oil at about 2am I saw the huge news that Motorola Android Phones would feature Bing and wrote up a lengthy article exploring what the move would mean for Google, Android and consumers. I didn’t realize it would be this bad… While we knew the Motorola/Microsoft partnership would be aimed at countries where [...]



  2. it says a choice. does that mean the users can choose fro google or bling on there phone?
  3. srothkin

    srothkin Well-Known Member

    Nov 15, 2009
    Ossining, NY
    As long as my Droid continues to default to Google unless I choose to change it to default to Bing, and as long as any Bing linkage they push to my Droid doesn't take up a significant amount of memory, then I'm ok with it.
  4. daviddakota

    daviddakota Well-Known Member

    Jan 20, 2010
    At the end of the day, its all choice. Although i'm 100% Google, we can't expect handset manufacturers not to take cash from Microsoft, Yahoo or whoever. They're in it for a profit, simple. I won't buy a phone that doesn't default - or at least make it damned easy - to get my emails, Google maps etc on the handset. If Google is ever completely blocked from a handset (is at all possible on Android handsets), thats a no-go for me.

    If this rolls out worldwide, it'll just push Google harder to get better products out there.
  5. mplevy

    mplevy Well-Known Member

    Nov 13, 2009
    New York, USA
    One would think this would violate some kind of contract Motorola has with Google for putting the OS on the phones. It just seems idiotic to produce and advertise a phone featuring a Google OS and then push a MS search engine on it.
  6. SharonW

    SharonW Well-Known Member

    Nov 3, 2009
    I don't think it's that bad. Global is probably a worthwhile term to use if Moto decides to launch phones in other areas of the world where Google may also choose not to do business. It seems like self-preservation on Moto's part.

    One must remember that the very same week Google announced it might pull out of China, Moto was set to release three new Android phones in China. Google's action while admirable could have proved a financial disaster to Moto if they did not seek an alternative to Google search and/or gmail.

    It's a pretty sticky wicket when two companies partner on a product, but one of those companies, in essence, goes rogue.

    And what news are we seeing today?

    Google '99.9 percent' sure to shutter Google.cn | Webware - CNET

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