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  • Nice. Does that include shipping and everything? There have been a few AT&T customers looking to order at full price, but most thought it would be way too expensive.
    LMAO! Mine understands my obsessions for the most part, but she still laughs, shakes her head and calls me a geek about it.

    So, do you have to pay full price or is your subsidized?
    I can imagine. I'm insanely excited and I can't even pre-order right now. I haven't been this excited about a phone since the OG Droid was announced. I get laughed at and called a geek every time my girlfriends catches me re-watching the ICS announcement video. lol
    Nothing is really separated by CDMA and GSM at this point. You could start a new thread or post in the pre-order thread that is already out there. Congrats, BTW! I wouldn't be able to sit still right now.
    I know you have it. I see you playing it all the time. I just wanted to know if the SP was any good b/c I have no desire to play it online but ok I'll just ask around.
    Yo herb! Lol, did you get to play the SP in Wack Ops yet? I'm thinking of taking Link's copy and playing the SP while he's on vaca. Let me know.
    Yo foo! You wanna do a fantasy football league w/ me and the guys? Hoosh and some other heads joined up but still could use some more heads. It's on ESPN. Let me know.
    On a side note, what happened to your gut *****? You went from grandpa santa to mario lopez lmfao
    Can you please help me on this? Error Code 67 .Registration Failure. Press For Options. Your PCS Vision Username and/or password may be incorrect. Please Try Again, I have a HTC Hero with Google - Sprint.
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