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  • Hey, quick question. For the post your code threads. If your code was posted like 3 months ago or something and nobody is using it anymore because it's 5 pages deep, are we allowed to delete that post and make a new one?
    This is off the subject of this site but I have to know. How do you get those pics to look so clean. Obviously edited but dang, they look cool!
    full price...680 to be exact. probably 50 ore thn i would spend if i waited. but the 50 is worth it, cause i do not see the gsm model coming stateside until probably Jan at the earliest. At this point it looks like i may even have mines before Verizon users
    LMAO! My girl is ready to leave me over it. I told her make sure you call my new phone when your leaving.. HAHAHAHAHA
    O man I am losing my mind! if i could hit a ff button this is the one time in life i would..lol
    I just pre-ordered my galaxy nexus (gsm), where is the thread to discuss gsm preorders? i cant find one?
    Looking ... looking ... still can't see a thing ... DAMN! That proves it!

    You're back!!!!!!

    (EarlyMon Happy Rhythm Five Ways Motion Body Dance)
    Hey OTD. I was reading some of your posts and you seem to know alot about ereaders on cell phones. I was hoping you could help me out :).

    I have a Sony Ericsson Xperia and I have the Kindle app on it (but i dont own the actual Kindle). I have purchased books on amazon and everything has worked out fine...now here is my issue. I downloaded a couple of books and I converted it to the kindle format using calibre....but I dont know how to get the actual file into my Kindle account so that I can read the books on my phone. Thats where Im stuck, I thought I could have gone online open up my kindle acct and upload the files but it looks like its not that easy.
    Or maybe I can upload another eREADER that will make it easier to load onto my phone.
    Please help me....I just wanna read! LOL

    Thanks Destrada
    hey OTD. Curious what ROM, and Kernal your on with the Fascinate. I know from the eris world your judgement was good. I just got my wife this phone so I want to get her setup good. It's definitely different stuff from the Eris. I'm personally holding off for the dualcore 4G phones later this year. but the wife will love the Fascinate. I've already rooted. So ya... what are you sporting?


    saw your response to someone else, your still stock. Eh, nevermind then :) Rooting was crazy simple and harmless don't be afraid to dive in... its all the kernal flashing that is the most confusing part.
    OTD, You stated in a thread response, that I can't find now, that VZ offers an annual upgrade to the primary on a family plan but I can't find any info about it on their website. Is this a "don't ask, don't tell" policy?
    OTD, you need to check out the OC Kernal for your SF; Im rockin' it and lovin' it
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