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  • Sorry about work being tough right now and hope you get more help soon.
    I am doing well thanks for asking, I might ask my sister later if she wants to play Super Mario Bros. 3 Having Tacos for dinner tonight and right now I am just hanging out on AF. :) Hope you're having a good year.
    Its the darned size requirements the forum puts on gifs. Haven't played with it in a while though.

    And my love of wolves (a part from them being majestic creatures) comes from the book series The Belgariad, The Mallorean by David Eddings. Its fantasy, the sorcerer use wolves as their alternate forms
    Always loved wolves

    mine is/was an animated gif, was disappointed it didnt keep the animation when i uploaded it though :)
    Doing fine - but fighting wind damage from hurricane-level gusts this spring. :D :D

    Don't even ask about what used to be landscaping after the drought. :D
    That's just bizarre. I've heard tell of that with others (mostly random), the only time it hit me, a battery pull fixed it. Others found that a Dalvik clear fixed it, so far as I recall - I'll hunt around, it's one of those things I keep promising myself that I don't need to bookmark. LoL

    How's the pack? All good? :)
    Dashschund with sleighbells and toy cows in Africa - must be the start of the next year upon us!

    Aww fiddle sticks!

    How big is he??? :D:D:D

    Is he like ten feet tall and built like the Incredible Hulk or is he a wimp???

    Does he know Kung Fu?


    lol I am making myslef laugh my bacon off! :D

    lol I thought I would make you laugh a little bit more :)
    Yes , Wayne, and I am thinking it is pretty serious. They have been together for quite awhile.:)
    Has your Daughter got a boy friend??? :)

    (Please say no!!!)

    (Please say no!!!)

    (Please say no!!!)
    When the law, comes tumbling down.. Wait. What? Ohhhhhhh. Never mind.

    When the wals, come tumbling down, when the walls....
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