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  • wouldnt it be nice if someone offered a service that you could upgrade your phones processor, ram, and memory? kinda like they do computers.
    Ok. It was only a suggestion, imagining that your body is also beautiful in reality
    ha yes but if you modify an android phone just right then you won't get any lags or force closes....... Thats why I can't wait till I find a more reliable way to root the cliq 2 (z4root sucks). I don't know maybe I'll get a win 7 phone...... lets just hope it doesn't end up meeting the same fate as win 6.5 phone...... being dropped (thrown) off the top of a 12 story building..

    yes the phone isn't the newest phone but its newish...... Once people realize that once you get past the moto blur crap it preforms better stock that alot of rooted the LG ally and the mytouch slide(POS).... I will give it one more month and that community will be buzzing.

    anyways peace
    Thanks for the thanks on the Moto cliq 2 thread..... I find it very intriguing that a fan of the windows platform would be on a android forum....... but to each there own..... how you liking the windows 7? I used to have 6.5 and it sucked.......

    anyways once again thanks and Peace
    Thank ya :) If you have a model mayhem page feel free to add me, if not, it's a great networking tool in the modeling field :)

    Here's a link to my flickr page as well if you're interested, it's a mixture of all my photo's.
    Flickr: G35Rider's Photostream
    yea, I'm closest to North Jersey. BTW. here's my modelmayhem page, more than welcome to check it out :) Ignore the location, it's where I went to college and for some reason my current location never sticks when I change it.. :S - NRMP - Photographer - Savannah, Georgia, US
    and that's what I get for writing that at 5:15 in the morning :p sorry If that came off as creepy.. I live in Orange County NY, near the Woodbury Commons, if that rings a bell... what part of Jersey? I have a lot of fam there.
    hey hun, I saw you're into modeling, if you're ever in the NY/NJ area hit me up, I do model photography and always lookin for people around here :)
    hey! hope all has been going well. just thought i'd stop by and give a friendly hello. keep in touch! ttyl
    Thats kinda hard to believe that you switch from provider to provider and phone to phone like its no big deal.
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