Help Motorola Xoom Update Issues

I got a motorola xoom MZ601 which I bought used of ebay like 9 months ago. I contacted Motorola recently since the device was stuck on Android 3.0.1 and would never update and always says your device is up to date and no update is necessary.

To my disappointment Motorola have informed that the device has been flashed with an unofficial release of the OS and hence they will no longer offer any support.

I eventually managed to flash the official OS from Motorola Site and after which the device received a small OTA update which installed successfully. After that the device receives another OTA update which is like 44mb but fails to install this 30% into the install process and comes with the Android logo & ! sign in the middle.

I have tried to reset the device to factory settings, re flashed the official OS again but the same thing keep happening. I really wish to update my xoom from 3.0.1 to the latest ICS using the OTA update but don't know what more to do.

For the record I left the device unlocked as if I lock it it gives error message that failed to load LNX 0x0004 code and then runs in RSD 2 mode.

Any help with this guys will be really appreciated.


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Would you consider rooting it? Or GEDify it? Rooting it, you can get a jb rom that's super quick. GEDifying it turns it into a real Google device, receiving ALL ANDROID UPDATES.