Moving on up.... Gen 1 vs Gen2


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I've had the first generation chromecast for about 18 months now... And this Christmas we got another TV. Easy problem to solve so I've just bought the second Gen chromecast.

Now according to the reviews there's not much difference between the 2 apart from better WiFi connection and 5G support.

Today was the first time I've got round to comparing both of them... And was surprised at the difference in performance between them.

The old one stutters every so often and will do the famous buffering one... Whereas the new one.. Which is further from the WiFi and has a nice thick wall in the way never blinked once. It's so fast and stable and without any lag at all. Definitely worth the upgrade for me at least.

Also if you have more than 1 chromecast connected then the chromecast app now shows you what's on both of them (to be fair it may have done this for a while... But I wouldn't have noticed until I had 2 of them)
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