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music player/parrot bluetooth

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by geordiesaint, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. geordiesaint

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    hey guys first post, as im really stuck...

    ok heres the deal. i have a new in car parrot mk1900 bluetooth piece of equipment, and its superb. it connects to my galaxy s and syncs with the phone. the little remote that goes with it allows me to go to next song by pressing fwd, or likewise go bk by pressing the back key. also in the middle is the pause/play key. this is where the problem is. when i pause, it pauses on the bluetooth parrot, and obviously auto pauses the phone. even the red pause symbol comes up, but when i go to play it shows the green play symbol, but wont go off pause on the phone, hence no music.. i thought it was a parrot mk1900 fault, but i installed realplayer to check it didnt work. now the funny thing is that real player takes it off pause and resumes the song, but the blooming default player on galaxy s keeps kicking in over the top of the other song, so 2 songs play at the same time????? real player, and music player. ive tried to disable music player but it keeps restarting??? is it possible to uninstall music player, or is it possible to use realplayer as the default player

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