My Data [Productivity]

This is a very simple database application. It lets you create databases on your SD Card in a folder named My Data. Shortcuts to particular tables in the database can be created in the Android launcher. The application lets you do the following:
- Create/Delete/Rename/Backup databases.
- Create/Delete/Rename tables.
- Create/Delete/Rename columns.
- Create/Delete/Edit rows.
- Create relationships between tables.
- The following types are supported: Text, Integer, Real, Check Box, Date, Time and Phone numbers.
- The application is also localized in French.
- When databases, tables or columns are deleted, a backup of the database is performed automatically. Use any file browser to find the databases and their backups under /mnt/sdcard/My Data.
- The application stores the database using the SQLite file format.
- The application relies heavily on long press gestures to bring up context menus that will let you do some of the above.
- The application manages automatically the primary and foreign keys. So when you are creating your tables, avoid creating primary keys and creating relationships that use them. Use the regular columns for defining relationships. The application even takes care of situations where the linked to values change.
- Referential integrity is implemented by nullyfing the referencers when the referenced rows are deleted.

Sorry the forum could not let me attach link and image.

But the app can be found by doing a search on PortoFarina My Data in the Android Market.