Nov 28, 2021
Hi, everyone,

Is there an mobile app that can be set up so that on a smart phone desktop, a photograph icon can be placed for each person he would want to call? Ideally, it could be set up by us on a pc and uploaded to the phone via usb. As a secondary feature, the photo icon would be displayed as the number is being dialed to allow for mistakes to be cancelled.

I have a Father-in-law who is coming up on his 84th birthday. After surviving a gliobastoma 10 years ago, he suffers from aphasia and short term memory loss. He has functioned very well over the years because there has been very little change in his routine.

He has used a flip phone all this time, eschewing smart phones, preferring to talk with people. Verizon has announced that his 3G flip phone would no longer be supported, and 3G service will be discontinued before the end of 2021.

We have investigated solutions, and purchased a new flip phone (Lively Jitterbug II) which appears very similar, but is still beyond his capability to navigate, due to short term memory failure.

My question goes to alleviating this problem. Since one can create a shortcut in Windows, and have it run a bat file that does a task, and put any icon you want on it, I thought someone must have already thought of it for mobile apps.


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I have no idea about iPhones but this is already a functionality of android via homescreen widgets.

You will need physical access to the phone to set it up, but so long as you have the contacts programmed into the phone already you can:

-Long press on the homescreen
-choose widgets
-choose contacts
-tap and hold on direct dial and drag it to the homescreen
-select your contact on the screen that pops up

If you don't want the icon to directly call without confirmation you can follow the same exact steps but drag the "contact" widget to the home screen instead of the "direct dial" widget.

This will make it so that when you tap on the home screen icon, it will open up their contact page and then you can choose the call button from there.
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Really, Dannydet? I've got to call them. I guess we just kill the Lively relationship, then. I'll have to get him a smart phone that works like mine.

Thanks for the warning. You've saved me some time.

Thanks, Brian 706!

I tried it on my phone, and it works perfectly. You are the MAN!

Glad that will work for you! I have to say, Happy Together is probably the only turtles song I know. Perhaps I've heard another, but I'm not sure about that.
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All I can say about The Turtles is that they were probably the most subversive poop band to come out of the 60's. I didn't really listen to the lyrics until later, but they were chasing sex, drugs and rock n roll way before it was permissible on the airwaves. Later when they played with Zappa and The Mothers, they (Flo & Eddie) did some outrageously adult entertainment. And they sing so well together.

I hope the forum doesn't have a problem with off topic opinions.