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Need help can't make or receive calls

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by EVOGUY88, Oct 14, 2014.

  1. EVOGUY88

    EVOGUY88 Member
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    Okay i have had my HTC One SV on Boost Mobile since 3/17/2013 i got the phone from Best Buy Mobile. I got the $40 damage/defective insurance obviously that has expired as well being that i have had the phone for 19 months. I First noticed i was not able to make or receive phone calls on Friday the 10th my Capability to send and receive text messages works as well as my 3G Data connection works.

    So here is the problem if i dial a number and call it the Dialer just DIALS FOR ABOUT 8 SECONDS Then it just hangs up by itself Man i have called boost mobile twice and they were puzzled by it. Then they referred me to HTC i called HTC and they could not help me either and they want to charge me a fortune for a Repair since i am out of warranty. Best Buy would not do anything either nobody knows what is wrong with the phone.

    The phone was $300 when i bought it last year now it is about $250 on Boost Mobile's website.
    I Called Boost we reactivated twice and the phone and reprogrammed the phone with my MSL Code twice did not work either. Factory Data Reset 3 times nothing has solved the problem.

    I even went into APPS--> ALL--> DIALER Cleared the Data and Cache countless times of the DIALER APP that did not solve the problem.

    I cannot believe this anybody ever had this problem???

    If i were a betting man i would put my money on the Dialer it is a piece of software that is part of the Phone Operating System i don't know that is Just my guess.

    Is there anywhere i can get Android 4.4.4 and install it on my HTC ONE SV or no???

    Maybe a Unlock and Root of my phone might fix the problem?

    is there an easy way to unlock and root my HTC ONE SV?

    I just paid my Monthly bill to which is what sucks about the whoe situation. They do not have Loaner phones either i asked the tech no towers have been down either in my area according to who i spoke to at Boost Mobile.

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  2. EVOGUY88

    EVOGUY88 Member
    Thread Starter

    PROBLEM SOLVED. I had to actually go out and buy another Android Phone and activate it (in this case a Galaxy Rush cost me $50). So i guess having my HTC ONE SV disconnected from Boost for Over 24 hours had some kind of magical effect. I guess now i got a Great Backup Phone.

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