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Need serious HELP - Data Recovery (i.e. texts, photos etc..) after accidental factory reset protocol

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by 3rdiOpen_93, Nov 24, 2019.

  1. 3rdiOpen_93

    3rdiOpen_93 Lurker
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    My toddler got a hold of my motorola xt1585 and factory wiped the darn thing while I was making dinner! The phone is 4 yrs old or so and I cant for LIFE of me recall what email / password I had used originally. I changed my pin on the lock screen maybe a week prior and cant remember what the heck that is now either. I had nothing backed up to google as far as I recall. So.... what are my chances of recovering data from the phone and / or simcard now?? It's been shut off since and I REALLY need my contacts and photos back. The photos are irreplaceable and some texts with photos in them I really need back! What do I do? I decided to just go get a newer phone and hang onto the droid 2 in case i can recover my stuff somehow. Ended up getting an iphone, and switched carriers so the phone in question isn't active anymore. Sim is still in it tho it's from verizon. I'm now with tmobile for the iPhone. Verizon was no freaking help either!! Help!!! Somebody?!?

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  2. Dannydet

    Dannydet Extreme Android User

    Say goodbye to whatever was on your device unless you can login with your Gmail account and password
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  3. Hadron

    Hadron Smoke me a kipper...
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    It won't have deleted anything from the SIM, but we're you really storing anything on that? It's not the default location for contacts any more, and a SIM never really stored anything else (a small number of SMS can be stored, but no smartphone does that). That said, you mentioned Verizon and an old Verizon phone wouldn't use a SIM (Verizon only use them for 4G), so do you mean SIM or SD?

    SD cards are easily recoverable. Put them in a card reader (cheap) and run any file recovery software on any computer.

    Data stored in the phone's internal storage are however gone. Sorry, but unless the phone is so old that it still supports USB Mass storage (so released with Android 2) there's no real hope.

    Unless you specifically stored your contacts "device only" it's quite likely that your contacts were backed up automatically by either Google or your provider.
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  4. mikedt

    mikedt 你好

    If the phone was factory reset, data recovery from the internal storage is basically impossible. The encryption key was deleted. If any private data could be recovered from a device that had been reset and cleared, that would be a serious security problem for anyone selling or disposing of a phone.
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  5. Hadron

    Hadron Smoke me a kipper...
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    This one might not be encrypted: looks like this model was first released with 5.1, so before encryption became the default.

    But without USB Mass Storage you won't be able to recover over a USB connection (and it's too new for that). And while there are apps that will claim to be able to recover data, I can't name one I believe.
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  6. 3rdiOpen_93

    3rdiOpen_93 Lurker
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  7. 3rdiOpen_93

    3rdiOpen_93 Lurker
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    Hi thanks to everyone who replied back to me. I really appreciate it! To answer some of your questions... there is most certainly a sim card inside this phone. Maybe look up the model number and such? It's a motorola droid turbo 2 #XT1585. I bought it back in mid 2016 brand new. I'm not sure if I deliberately backed anything to my sim card and you're correct, I dont recall that being an option they point out to you really. I was reading a boat load of info on sim cards and data recovery. One of the common things mentioned is sms and contacts being stored there and possibly photo thumbnails. idk! I'd be more than happy to give you more info on the specifics of the phone if you need. Any info I could recover from my phone would be great. I bought a paraben android data recovery stick too but need a computer to use it. I'm also afraid I'm going to erase something off the phone so i haven't tried other avenues as far as the computer needed to try it out. Several companies I emailed said they definitely could recover my data. But seems too easy for them to say that Its doable. Lmk if there's anything else I could give you to find a solution here. It's not looking good I know. ...
  8. 3rdiOpen_93

    3rdiOpen_93 Lurker
    Thread Starter

  9. svim

    svim Extreme Android User

    Perhaps you're confusing the SIM card with a microSD card? The SIM cards isn't used or even accessible as storage media, it contains your account info with your cellular carrier. The SIM card is what authenticates your phone to use their cellular service -- i.e. transfer your SIM to a different phone and that phone will then be able to use your chosen carrier's cellular network (well, given the phone itself supports that carrier). But a microSD card is what's intended to be used as supplemental storage media. You can readily transfer files between your phone's internal storage and your microSD card, and then remove the card to transfer files back and forth to other phones or other devices (cameras, computers, laptops, etc.) that have SIM slots.
    At this point even though you can't log into your phone, you can power if off and still remove your microSD card. Just keep in mind that if you didn't actually set things up so your data was getting backed up to your card, you won't find much on it. Did you previously set the camera app to use your microSD card as it's default storage location? Or set up any apps to use the card as default storage? If not, that stuff is still probably on your phone's internal storage. Things like email, contacts, calendar data should be accessible to you have been syncing those things to your online email account.
    But getting back to your problem, if you've forgotten your password, here's a guide on different things to try to reset it:
    Once you do get control of your phone again, be sure to take the time to set up an automatic back up solution. Backups are important.
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  10. Hadron

    Hadron Smoke me a kipper...
    VIP Member

    The confusing thing is that SIMs can store simple contacts (one number per contact, though phone software can make it look more joined up) and can store a small number of SMS. So if you start searching for what you can store in a SIM you will find this type of information.

    But I don't know of any smartphone that lets you store SMS on a SIM, and most only let you import contacts from the SIM, not write them to it. These are basically legacy features from the 90s, and have not kept up to date.
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  11. 5Milan

    5Milan Lurker

    Maybe you're befuddling the SIM card with a microSD card? The SIM cards isn't utilized or even open as capacity media, it contains your record data with your cell bearer. The SIM card is the thing that confirms your telephone to utilize their cell administration - for example move your SIM to an alternate telephone and that telephone will at that point have the option to utilize your picked transporter's cell arrange (well, given the telephone itself underpins that bearer). Be that as it may, a microSD card is what's planned to be utilized as supplemental stockpiling media. You can promptly move documents between your telephone's inward stockpiling and your microSD card, and afterward expel the card to move records to and fro to different telephones or different gadgets (cameras, PCs, workstations, and so forth.) that have SIM openings. Now despite the fact that you can't sign into your telephone, you can control if off and still evacuate your microSD card. Simply remember that in the event that you didn't really set things up so your information was getting supported up to your card, you won't discover much on it. Did you recently set the camera application to utilize your microSD card as it's default stockpiling area? Or then again set up any applications to utilize the card as default stockpiling? If not, that stuff is still most likely on your telephone's inner stockpiling. Things like email, contacts, schedule information ought to be open to you have been adjusting those things to your online email account.

    Be that as it may, returning to your concern, on the off chance that you've overlooked your secret phrase, here's a guide on various things to attempt to reset it:
    When you do deal with your telephone once more, make certain to set aside the effort to set up a programmed back up arrangement. Reinforcements are significant.

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