Root network data connectivity issue


Hey guys, I've seen this issue discussed a couple of times in passing, stuff like "it's supposed to be better with ZVD" but I haven't been able to find any workarounds or solutions listed anywhere and people don't seem to be asking about it, so I'm guessing I'm missing out on something.

Specifically my network data (1x, no 3/4g outside 128 belt Boston) doesn't always come back. When the phone sleeps or is on wifi the network is turned off. It comes back for a while when I wake it, but at some point it stops coming back.
I've tried airplane mode and changing the data on/off and that does nothing at all. currently my only choice seems to be reboot, which takes a few minutes.

I'm on ZVD and was stock, but when the network data dropped out after less than hour I decided to try breakout ROM. That SEEMED better, but I think issue is somewhat random. At least there's now an easy reboot option with this ROM.

Anyway, any advice/guidance/solutions? Or even if other people are having the same issue. The search terms are so generic I get TONS of irrelevant hits.



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I have that issue once and a while, but it only happens at work, I usually sit in between two buildings so it tends to drop off, once i'm away from the buildings it usually still gets no bars so i have to restart the phone.


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Do you have any battery saving apps? Juice defender, 2x battery, etc......?

nope. I keep very few things that run at startup. SD speed improvement is about it. I was using the esteem tweak thing and V6, but haven't used either since putting on the new ROM.