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New Line

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by AndroiDad75, May 28, 2011.

  1. AndroiDad75

    AndroiDad75 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I would like to get a Revo, but I currently have an Incredible on my primary line. My question is: Can I order the Revo as a second line, then move it to my primary line, and keep a non-smartphone on the new line? What I am not wanting to do is end up paying 2 data packages, when I am only using one.


  2. moondrius

    moondrius Android Enthusiast

    Yeah you can do that. Just buy it from Verizon directly or Best Buy or something because some places like amazon, wirefly and some of the authorized retailers will have you sign another contract saying you wont change phones for like 6 months or so.
  3. AndroiDad75

    AndroiDad75 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    That's a bummer. I was thinking about buying from Amazon, because I heard they will have a good deal on Monday, and with that I was thinking I wouldn't have to use my upgrade and save it for something like the Bionic or something later this year. Hmmm, now a decision, use my upgrade and then with the second line it probalby would be pretty close to the full price, and/or pay full price for it or wait...
  4. Not quite sure I believe the deal Amazon's rumored to have on Monday. They've got a bit of sale going on now that started at the beginning of the weekend and it supposed to last through til 11:59pm PST on Monday May 30th.
  5. AndroiDad75

    AndroiDad75 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Well that would be good. Then I wouldn't feel so bad about missing the deal ;-)
  6. Yeah I'm holding out til Monday to buy the Rev juuust in case. If not, I'll pay the 199 then.
  7. AndroiDad75

    AndroiDad75 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    So do you have an upgrade ready? Or are you going to get a new number for the 6 months?
  8. Haxcid

    Haxcid Android Enthusiast

    Amazons deal is on new contracts only. Renewals/upgrades do not count as far as I understood from what I read.

    I got mine today from Verizon. I paid 199 (business discount) and got a case and screen protectors. 269 out the door. Pulling the data off my old phone now. Love the phone so far. cleaned off all the screen icons to the bare essentials for me and its smooth as silk.

    Few things I have not figured out... (feeling noobish)
    1. Can't seem to get the front facing camera to work. Tried a video call with my friend using Tango and all he could see were my feet lol.
    2. Can't seem to figure out how to customize the user interface... like number of screens. I do not need 7, 3 is more than enough.

    Maybe I should download the manual. As many in other threads have posted BGR's comments on the screen are well to put it nicely BS. The screen is very nice. So far I have 0 regrets.
  9. GunnerJim

    GunnerJim Well-Known Member

    Haxcid, The front camera has an icon in the camera screen for reversing from back to front. Have not tried Tango or Fring on it yet. They are installed ready to go. I use Launcher Pro vice the Optimus UI, it allows you to reduce your screen count and customize everything. Give it a whirl before buying it for 2-3 bucks. You may like it. I found it does not lag my phone at all, like it did on Charge.
  10. Yeah that makes sense. They'd be getting a decent kick back from carriers for bringing in new customers.
  11. stetsonaw

    stetsonaw Well-Known Member

    LauncherPro lagged on your Charge? Wow, that really says something about that phone. I never had lag with LauncherPro on my D2, let alone my ancient D1.
  12. GunnerJim

    GunnerJim Well-Known Member

    The Samsung Charge would lag coming out of any browser, Dolphin, SkyFire, or Stock, it would take a good 30 seconds for the desktop icons to re-populate. Also adding apps to desktop was extremely slow and painful. The Launcher Pro works well on LG Revo. Liking it much better than Optimus UI, however I would love some of the apps available only on Optimus UI. It is a trade off, I like the dock settings much better on Launcher Pro.
  13. stetsonaw

    stetsonaw Well-Known Member

    I like the dock on LP, but really liking the collapsible app drawer. It's grown on me a lot. Like putting the bloat in its own group, then hiding it ;)
  14. GunnerJim

    GunnerJim Well-Known Member

    I did like the sectional drawer on the Optimus UI too and some Apps that were Optimus specific. Too bad you can't blend the two... Devs add it to the proposed Blade Runner ROM we demand!
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  15. hedylogus

    hedylogus Newbie

    i would recommend buying from bestbuy. if you find a good price at amazon on monday, print it out and bestbuy will match it. best buy gives you an extra 2 weeks to try out the phone before returning it (if necessary).

    fyi....check your vzw.com price for an upgrade. mine was $169, which best buy then matched.
  16. My phone will be arriving Thursday! Purchased through Amazon and got a grand total of 199 charged to the card. Excited for the phone to arrive.

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