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New Moment - A Few Questions on How To

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by dannyg40, Dec 4, 2009.

  1. dannyg40

    dannyg40 Member
    Thread Starter

    Hi every one,
    Just got the moment yesterday and have a question or 2.

    1. I noticed that when I get a call or maybe its a missed call, If I go into my "contacts" the number and person is stored in my "favorites" tab. There is no "star" there showing I stored that contact in my "favorites" like when you find the contact and put the star there. So I cant remove it from the list. Why does it go to my "favorites"?

    2. I set the phone to vibrate also and have set a different ringer for the new message alert. When I get a new text message the phone dont vibrate and it only has a very short ring tone to let me know I have a new text message. So if I have the phone in my pocket I have no way of knowing I have a new message. Is there any way to make it ring longer or vibrate to let me know I have a new message ?


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  2. CriticalCritic

    CriticalCritic Android Expert

    1) Whoever you talk to the most is gonna go automatically into your favorites. I haven't bothered with it at all, so I don't know if that's changeable or not...

    Go into the text messaging app's menu, and turn on the vibrate option there. You an also set your text ringtone there. But no matter what, I think the text ringtone is always gonna be short (unless you DL longer rintones maybe?)
  3. chibucks

    chibucks Android Enthusiast

    to add to #1 - when you add favorites, they'll show up on the top of the screen in its own section.. the list that's showing is the "frequently called" list - haven't figured out how to get rid of it yet.
  4. dannyg40

    dannyg40 Member
    Thread Starter

    A few more questions I though of and cant figure out...

    1. I been trying set up a new Email account so I can access my email@wowway.com address I use on my home computer using outlook express. I keep getting an error saying it cannot connect to the server and Im using all the right settings. I can also access it from my home computer on the woway home page. Wondering if it will or should work with the phone ?

    2. I have the weather bug or channel thing on my home screen. How can I change the setting to stop the weather alerts ?

    And I know there are a lot of posts about the battery but its killing me. I can fully charge it all night and if I spend about 1 hour playing with the phone, on the internet, and going through menus to get familiar with it... the battery dies in an hour. Im fed up with the battery issue.
  5. VinceO

    VinceO Well-Known Member

    For Weather Bug you can go into the Preferences section and turn off alerts. Battery issues...HA thats an understatement. As for the email account, it sounds like the outgoing mail settings are setup properly.
  6. dannyg40

    dannyg40 Member
    Thread Starter

    I think I set up my @wowway Email correct and I did a test. I sent myself an Email from the home computer and I dont get it on the phone. I also only see an "inbox" on my Email screen. I can see the "compose" and stuff but are there also supposed to be "outbox", "sent", or any other folders there ?
  7. dannyg40

    dannyg40 Member
    Thread Starter

    Update ......
    I sent myself an Email from the Moment and got it on my home computer. Sending from my home computer to the phone I dont get the Email. All the settings are correct ???
  8. tatonka_Hero

    tatonka_Hero Android Expert

    Is there a way to turn off the mobile network on the moment like you can on the hero? Just curious, since my mom just got a moment and I can't find that option...
  9. sasiki

    sasiki Lurker

    Hold the power button down and turn the phone to Airplane Mode. This will shut off WiFi and everything though. If you just want to shut down the cellular data portion, you can download Quick Settings among other programs.
  10. sasiki

    sasiki Lurker

    In the Email app, are you hitting Menu and then Check Email? If so, you have another setting wrong.. might be a good idea to verify your incoming mail server is correct. You may need to put mail.domainname.com instead of domainname.com.

    I have found that the default email app does not check email every 15 minutes like I have it set to. I downloaded K9 Mail and it seems to be more reliable. I like it better than the default one anyway. It loads up the existing messages quicker and just seems a bit smoother.
  11. dannyg40

    dannyg40 Member
    Thread Starter

    I think after work today I will try that k9 mail. I checked 5 times and I do have the Incoming server settings set to pop3.mail.wowway.com out of 6 trys I got 1 Email to come through. Everything must be set right because I go to the settings, set the right port number and mail server info, and when I hit next it checks the settings and I dont get an error.
  12. agent0014

    agent0014 Android Enthusiast

    Is K9 a suitable replacement for gmail, or only other pop email accounts? Does it do the labeling and archiving that's semi-unique to gmail? I mostly like the gmail app that comes standard, although it perplexes me that there's no way to switch from message to message without backing out to the inbox first... I don't know how the dev team could have missed something as simple as "newer" and "older".
  13. ub3r-l33ch

    ub3r-l33ch Member

    This too was a problem for me, coming from a Rant.
    Install Handcent from the market. (Alternate text messaging app.)
    You can create custom vibrate patterns.
    I set mine to vibrate on/off 3 times, and you can set how long it vibrates on and off for.
  14. KeithKris

    KeithKris Member

    K9 is just a pop3/imap client. It's not really meant to replace the gmail client.
  15. agent0014

    agent0014 Android Enthusiast

    Gotcha. Thanks for clearing that up!

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