New problems with Titanium Backup


Android Expert
I've been having issues with Titanium Backup for a while now and emailing them for support hasn't gotten any reply. And their official forums appear gone.

What will happen is that I will keep coming across backed-up apps that won't restore. There's no error, it'll just get to that app and hang, requiring TB to be forcibly killed via a task manager. If that wasn't annoying enough, when this happens TB then forgets the backup path, which needs to be reset, on top of then clearing through the changelog and "heads up" (ad) for Titanium Media Sync which it decides to show you each time (I've paid for TB already, and I've already installed Titanium Media Sync) which makes the process extremely tedious.

Another thing that can cause TB to forget the backup path is if you're running it, then run some other apps that cause TB to have to be reloaded. It won't forget the path yet, but the next restore operation you attempt will cause TB to crash (force close). Then when you relaunch TB, the backup path is lost ("not available") and has to be re-set.

Hitting these problem backups really throws a huge speed-bump in the whole restore process when I'm redoing my phone.

Any ideas why TB is either making bum backups or having trouble restoring? Or why it keeps forgetting the backup path?