New to Droid - Where do you Discover Games?

Hey Everybody,

I am new to this group. Just acquired myself a Droid. Diggin' it so far! Hey, where do you all discover Android games? Any cool websites, twitter folks, and such to follow, well besides of course?



There are lots of amazing games for Android market.
Apple market would nnnnnnnnnnever allow emulators, roms and 3rd party aps not approved by them, thank the Lord you are not using their POS OS.

Final Fantasy 2 & 3 for SNES were 2 of the first I found on "Market", the android market ap store. Lots of free goodies in there. There is also a Samsung Aps, the official system updates and want the market though, and to check off the 3rd party is alright by me button.

Rom Gripper was amazing, has multiple rom gaming systems, downloads the roms for you, just sweet.

wiimote works (well I'm trying, lol, it's created, stuck at the pin code for pairing it)

So you can use your Nintendo Wii's bluetooth to pair it up in blue tooth settings of the android phone/mobile/tablet/pc even!

Firefox is also out for mobiles, worth getting.