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Nexus One = FAIL

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by digdug, Jan 15, 2010.

  1. digdug

    digdug Member
    Thread Starter

    If you did read it, then you'd understand that it wasn't a vastly superior phone that I expected - I say this explicitly in an above post - but a sophisticated release of the Android and Google branding to the market. Something that would have warranted the "superphone" monicker provided by Google. Its obvious that Google was expecting to - or at least had us expecting them to - change the way phones were sold in the US by detaching phones from carriers. But what did they do? They act as a storefront for an "unlocked" phone which is effectively locked to a single carrier, and are unable to even operate the drop-shipment operation effectively. As a part of the terms of purchase, users are forced to acknowledge that the phone is manufactured by HTC and not Google.


  2. sooper_droid12

    sooper_droid12 Android Expert

    Superphone... I laugh at Google trying to pawn off that terminology with any of their phones. When Mario Queiroz said that I almost spit out my lunch. Ridiculous.
  3. markouk

    markouk Android Enthusiast

    LOL. Great point. ;)
  4. digdug

    digdug Member
    Thread Starter

    These guys are so full of themselves that I expect them to come out on unicycles and juggle shit at these "events" to further the "business redefined" bit they pour in the weekly kool-aid gatherings.
  5. illutionz

    illutionz Well-Known Member

    Locked to one carrier?? USA is not the only country in this earth and if you ever heard of this thing called "travelling", you will realize that EU/Asia practically uses UMTS band 1 and 8 that Nexus 1 supports.

    I switched to T-Mobile to get unlocked Nexus One so I can actually use my phone overseas with any sim card and enjoy my 3G :)

    The customer support is indeed terrible but as you may notice, T-Mobile and Google actually listens to your feedback and they reduced the upgrade price by $100 and refund you as well. Reminds me of iPhone when it's first released couple years ago.

    if you don't mind using CDMA (Verizon) and pay more for plans and phones you can't use outside this country without paying arms and legs for roaming, go ahead and get Droid or wait for Nexus One on Verizon. Otherwise, if you want GSM freedom this phone is fine as it is.

    Again, the other phone that's comparable to Nexus One is the droid and the fact that it's only available for CDMA plagued VZW. Moto MILESTONE is nice but it doesn't even have US 3G so :)

    if you actually watch the Engadget interview with Android Product Manager, you will realize that Google is taking a long term approach with this store. They are trying to provide a one stop shop where people can purchase above average Android devices with carrier services of their choice. Kind of mix and match... and this is great unless you love your carriers so much that you're willing to give your soul to them. You keep saying the phone is unlocked but locked to one carriers and while this is true in the United States, it is really not anybody's fault here but the FCC or the government for not standardizing wireless frequency in this country.

    It is funny to see two continents use the same UMTS frequency and 1 country has 2 different UMTS frequencies. Alas, this doesn't deter people from using iPhone on T-Mobile despite the lack of 3G and I have seen people using Nexus One on AT&T either.

    This kind of business model needs to be expanded and embraced because it will free us from the grasp of the old model in this country. Locked phones are way of the past and paying installments on your phones are just plain... stupid... like many subprime borrowers. Spend what you can afford and stop this credit driven society.
  6. JSchu22

    JSchu22 Android Enthusiast

    You most certainly aren't making any of your details up... but honestly (and yes, I understand that this is just an opinion) one of the biggest problems is you, and you actually point that out. You yourself stated that it wasn't the "vastly superior phone that I expected". I don't doubt that you expected just that, I just don't know where you got that expectation from.

    Again I will state that this is an opinion, but I really feel as though those that are so up in arms about the features and performance of a working Nexus One had the expectations set much too high. And for what? A phone that has been labeled THE Google phone? I seem to recall it being said early that HTC was the manufacturer and I knew exactly what I was getting in the hardware- An HTC phone with the most up to date version of Android, which was only revising a version that is literally a few weeks old. That's it.
  7. digdug

    digdug Member
    Thread Starter

    The Nexus One is initially a US launch as the Google Press release itself proclaims.

    Press Release

    The "new way" to buy phones they refer to, is clearly aimed at the US market, as we are practically alone in the world with carrier subsidization as the only successful distribution model of phones.

    They are listening to the torrent of dissatisfaction for sure, but can you honestly suggest that they have a viable customer service model in place? Is that responsible, much less to be expected from a company as "anointed" as Google has been?
  8. digdug

    digdug Member
    Thread Starter

    I think we are on the same plane here. But again, its not the phone that's dissapointed me, its Google's implementation and handling of it and the potential effect on Android. I don't want a bad taste left in the public's mouth of Android or else the platform will go bye-bye.

  9. JSchu22

    JSchu22 Android Enthusiast

    Understandable, although the bad taste might be more the fault of used car-like phone salespeople than the reality of the situation. As bad as we, as informed technophiles, feel this launch has gone that will just be a speed bump in the history of Android. That's not to say that the unscrupulous [service provider here] employee wont use an inflated version of all this in an attempt to sling their own goods. I'd even bet there is even a Tmobile salesperson right now playing up how bad the Nexus One is in order to push a Moto Cliq.
  10. illutionz

    illutionz Well-Known Member

    Nexus One is launching in US, UK, SINGAPORE, and HK. The last two countries, while small, are two important sea ports in Asia Pacific regions that have a lot of impact in the region.

    Just some quote
    "Pricing, Availability, and Future Plans

    Nexus One is initially available from the Google web store in the US without service for $529 or starting at $179 with a two-year contract from T-Mobile USA. In the near future, Verizon Wireless in the US and Vodafone in Europe plan to offer services to customers in their respective geographies. Today, consumers can go to www.google.com/phone to learn about the Nexus One and place an order. We will initially take orders from consumers in the US and three other markets – the UK, Singapore, and Hong Kong."

    Carrier subsidization is great in this country because of a couple things
    1. People hate paying upfront in this country. Rather they love paying installments so they can get something they can't afford (it's now called the American Dreams)
    2. Carriers are using DIFFERENT frequencies in this country. Manufacturers have to add more radio bands to sell in this country. Lo and behold this has been the main reason why until recently, this country has been getting crap like RAZR whereas the rest of the world has been using a much better phones.

    Again, 2 continents = 1 UMTS band... 1 country = 2 UMTS bands makes no sense at all. I do hope, however, in the future there will be support for all UMTS bands in 1 phone so I can take it when I'm travelling outside. Another thing I would hope as well is that LTE coming soon just because I want to watch the demise of CDMA ;)

    PS: the interview I mentioned before is here
  11. kennyidaho

    kennyidaho Android Enthusiast

    No I do understand that. Your comment about the Droid only adds confusion to this thread and seems extremely out of place considering what you are saying now. I almost feel like you're back pedaling.

    Look at your post:

    Pick up a Droid and see how "drastically" different it is. You said it right there - that you where expecting something drastically different versus other Android phones. You didn't say anything about sales channels, branding, or "changing the way phones are sold". Of course now you've add all that stuff and even edited your first post to reflect your shift.

    All I am saying is that if anyone expected something massively different in Android then they were being a bit naive. All the leaked video's and info clearly showed that the phone basically consisted of a newer generation of hardware and updated version of Android. In that post it sounds like you where expecting some massive shift in Android compared to the version running on the Droid.

    I don't own a Nexus One - I have a Hero. I personally consider the Hero to be a superphone when I compare it to the plethora of smart phones I've had in the past. When looking at the Nexus One I realized that while the device delivered better hardware and some improvements to Android it did not introduce anything revolutionary to Android. In fact when my wife asked about it I told her "It's like my phones big brother - who pops steroids." However knowing what I can do with my Hero the idea of a bigger screen and faster processor makes the Nexus One alluring to me - it's like Superphone +1.

    The phone was only released 10 days ago and as of this moment only 1 of 2 announced US carriers have the device. The method of sales is new and a bit confusing to people. Calling it a failure at this point is a bit premature.
  12. illutionz

    illutionz Well-Known Member

    I really like this point. I do hope that people in this country will realize that paying installments for a phone and getting yourself locked for 2 years is not the best thing for consumer but hey old habit die hard ;) Just thankful that my utility company doesn't dictate what brand of fridge or stove I can use at home :p
  13. Mykpfsu

    Mykpfsu Android Expert

    Yet you can only use 1 carrier for 3G in the US, which is where most of the purchases are being made.

    Price doesn't have much to do with customer service and most likely the cost reduction was in reaction to the lackluster sales.
    Also the fact you have to contact at least 2 companies if you want to return your N1, that aint changing and yes thats crappy support.

    I guess I might pay an arm and a leg for roaming on Verizon, if I was ever roaming. But see Verizon has this weird thing called "coverage". See I can drive 30 minutes away from my house and miracles behold, I still have coverage. Meanwhile my friend on Tmobile has no coverage. Again GSM "freedom" where you can only get 3G coverage on one carrier in the US? Hell I can drive from Tampa to Tallahassee and have coverage all along the way. Tmobile, not so much.

    "plagued" Verizon? Seriously? Didnt they sell more Droid in one weekend then Google has sold N1's? Aren't they near a million units sold? Oh and the Milestone, unlike the N1, will work on AT&T 3G, just not 3G on Tmobile being it supports GSM on 850 and 1900.
  14. illutionz

    illutionz Well-Known Member

    Clearly your need is different from me and I respect that. When I say "roaming" I mean ROAMING OVERSEAS.

    You like to drive from Tampa to Tallahassee which is fine but I do travel to Asia/EU. Having CDMA phone is just not an option for me nor is a locked GSM phone ;)

    As I mentioned earlier, lack of T-Mobile 3G hasn't deter people from using iPhone there and I know some people who use Nexus One on AT&T without 3G as well.

    Regarding Moto Milestone, please please please do your research before posting and making yourself look foolish.

    GSM Arena link:
    Motorola MILESTONE - Full phone specifications

    Official motorola link:

    The motorola milestone selling in the market at the moment only supports UMTS 900 and 2100 which is (guess what) EU and Asia!!!!! Yes you can buy it from TELUS in Canada (soon... not out yet) for the AT&T 850 UMTS support but the cost is probably the same thing as Nexus One... Nexus One also comes without the need to bug my Canadian friend to sign up for Telus plan and ship the phone over here ;)
  15. Mykpfsu

    Mykpfsu Android Expert

    Oh roaming overseas, you mean like the blackberry Storm I have just for such occasions. You know the phone I can use ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD even the country I live in unlike the N1? I mean just saying if you actually want a phone that works everywhere (being CDMA+GSM) you may want to check it out.
    Not saying people wont use the N1 on non 3G networks. But thats not what you were saying. You were going on and on about the "freedom" the N1 offers despite being locked to one network in its home country.
  16. illutionz

    illutionz Well-Known Member

    Great... you have 2 phones, congratulations! Really want to keep all my information in 1 device but if you can live with 2 devices, sure. Ironically, it's just like that AT&T ads where if you wanna surf and talk at the same time you need 2 devices. I guess it's true advertisement afterall. So let me get this straight... You have DROID to use in the US and at the same time, you have Storm that only has UMTS 2100 and CDMA band? Which means you can't even use Storm in your "home country"...

    Oh well, after LTE 4G (evolution of UMTS 3G) is out, the majority of the world (including your beloved Verizon) will use it and stop using CrapDMA :eek:

    Another thing is that, sometimes, we have to see this issue in perspective. You assume that being unable to use AT&T 3G means it's practically LOCKED to T-Mobile... I would say it's UNLOCKED because you can call using AT&T without any modification but I know what you'll say next... You will just say that not being able to use 3G in a phone is useless :D Tell it to those people who bought unlocked iPhones to use for T-Mobile.
  17. Mykpfsu

    Mykpfsu Android Expert

  18. Mykpfsu

    Mykpfsu Android Expert

    Dude its called a family plan, you may want to look it up. 2 people, 2 lines.
    I would say my perspective is if I'm going to pay over $500 for an unlocked phone I should be able to get FULL use out of it one more then 1 network. I mean I guess if you're some trust fund baby elitist then I guess you dont like getting full value for a buck.
    Though yes I'm sure those whopping 30 people using Iphones on tmobile are so glad they went from dropping calls in the US on AT&T to not being able to make them on Tmobile.
  19. illutionz

    illutionz Well-Known Member

    Great point! family plan! why didn't I think about it before :D Maybe because I don't live with my parents anymore and my girlfriend is overseas ;)

    Again, don't need to do personal attack, I am just pointing out that Nexus One is a great device in a decent network (if you're in east coast, midwest, and the south). If you love Verizon that much, GREAT! I have made my case why I can't afford to use CDMA phones and I am very sure that I'm not the only one.

    I do agree with you, though, that Google needs a whole new department so people can talk with a customer service rep instead of emailing people. That personal touch is all we need :D
  20. kennyidaho

    kennyidaho Android Enthusiast

    Whoa hold up there. What proof do you have that those leaks where coming from Google? Just because blogs run stories on rumors and speculation doesn't mean that they were leaks from Google. The idea of a mobile VOIP phone is a pipe dream at this point especially in the US. Carriers can't even handle the extra data demand by users just browsing the web and streaming music. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that some of the things being said about "The Google Phone" was purely speculation by industry analysts that get paid to write fiction for a living.
  21. huntington

    huntington Newbie

    I think folks who are disappointed and had high hopes for the Nexus....maybe they read too much into the hype that was driven by web media and blogs claiming that this Google phone is gonna be a game changer when infact Google never really stated anything being a game changer or an iphone killer.

    I love this phone its 10x better than my Palm Pre!
  22. sergey

    sergey Android Enthusiast

    Exactly. It got way too hyped up. Let the hype settle down. Same thing with the iPhone.

    But, let's face it- the product launch was buggy. It's not a death sentence, but it's hurting them. I would not get a N1 until the customer service issues and 3G issues are sorted out, but that's just me.
  23. illutionz

    illutionz Well-Known Member

    I remember a couple blogs were posting how Google will sell this phone "at cost" and "free" wireless services subsidized by their ads revenue...

    Love the idea but talk about daydreaming :eek::eek:
  24. Mykpfsu

    Mykpfsu Android Expert

    "don't need to do personal attack" yet you did and showed yourself to be a ****** at the same time. 2 people does not equal live with parents, that would be 3. See 2+1=3. 1+1=2 which would mean couple.
    Also have you checked the coverage of Tmobile? Yeah its good if your in a city that has a population of greater then 400k. Outside of that it does suck in the south. See Tampa and Tallahassee are two cities in what state? Florida. Florida is located in what part of the US? The South. I know those maps can be so damn tricky.
    But even Tmobiles 2g coverage map shows large gaps in the south. 3G coverage, hell you can throw a dart at a map of the US and odds severly favor you missing a 3G coverage spot then hitting one. Not to mention the North and mid west. You may as well try two cans connected by string.
    This is why you see Tmobile trying to tout a faster 3G network, which might be done around the same time AT&T, Sprint and Verizon complete their moves to 4G. I mean Google just launched their flagship device on a network that will be obsolete in 2 years.
  25. illutionz

    illutionz Well-Known Member

    Yeah I know what south is... I lived in Houston for a couple years and T-Mobile coverage there is very good. Right now, I am living in Northeast and the coverage is again, good (I would assume when you say "north" has bad coverage you mean those state such as South Dakota or Montana?). I've not always live in a city "that has a population of greater than 400k" because when I lived at a college town in a Midwest state, the coverage is also good. The only place I often visited that has poor coverage is California.

    Also, I am well aware that 1+1 = 2 and again, I do not wish to share my cellphone plan with my coworkers and if you can read my post properly, my girlfriend is overseas. :eek:

    Seems to me you're trying to say that it is a waste to move to T-Mobile but that's exactly the point why I moved to T-Mobile with Even More Plus plan. No 2 years contract means if any manufacturers release great phone in near future, I can move to different phone or with different carriers.
    For example: in July this year, Apple releases iPhone 4 and it's a groundbreaking device, I can freely buy that phone to use for T-Mobile or move to AT&T without paying ETF!! Oh the beauty of SIM card :eek:
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