Help no froyo update for samsung galaxy s in uk


I am in the UK and have not been able to update to Froyo and I know this has been avaliable in the UK for awhile now and when I got hold of Samsung they said I need to contact Car phone Warehouse to get support and I rang CPW and they said unless I have got insurance with them they won't help me unless I pay them I mean talk about lovely support. I want to know if anybody knows a workaround for this issue thanks in advance


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How long have you had the Galaxy S? I purchased mine in January this year and had a problem with completing updating through Kies and was concerned that it would cause problems with the phone if not fully updated. I spoke with Samsung and I was given to understand that if following the correct procedure in updating and there was a problem that the warranty would cover it.
Pretty sure there's a problem with the latest version of Kies (came out 4 days ago) saying it's disconnected from the phone every time you try and update. Maybe it only happens to those who aren't already on Froyo (I've never updated my phone, bought it a few months back)


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I got mine from Amazon UK in December, first thing I did was update it to Froyo 2.2.1, waiting for Gingerbread now, really need the text selection and better copy/paste.


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Thanks to everybody for their suggestions and to stylelite I tried your link but i wouldn't be comfortable to manually flash the phone as it would void the warranty I guess I will have to live without flash for now don't think I will buy samsung again pity the phone is good but support really sucks


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If you got your phone from Carphone Warehouse then it should be unbranded and Froyo has been available for UK unbranded devices for months (v2.2.1 is even available to them now).

This could mean Kies isn't working properly for you. Ensure you have the most recent version of Kies. If you're comfortable performing a factory reset on your phone, try that too. Also try different computers, Kies is a HORRID piece of software so best of luck.