samsung galaxy s

The Samsung Galaxy S is a series of high-end Android phones made by Samsung. It may refer to:

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  1. Android News

    Someone releases an unofficial port of LineageOS 14.1 for the Samsung Galaxy S i9000

    Some complain about older Android devices not receiving official updates past the 2-year mark, but the developer community keeps a number of older devices alive with new updates. XDA Senior Member xc-racer99 has just released an unofficial port of LineageOS 14.1 for the very old Samsung Galaxy...
  2. W


    Hi I have just bought a s5 SM-G900P and it will not update from Android 5. I have found out it has a build of DONGCHAO.A519. If I want to put stock firmware back on it using ODIN which version do I get .The baseband and CSC to not match. CSC G900PSPT1BOA6 BASEBAND G900PVPU3BOG1 Which do...
  3. T

    Nothing has crashed error

    I keep getting this "unfortunately has crashed" message randomly. It keeps popping up even when I have no apps open. Idk what is causing this. Do I need to restore my phone? Here is a picture of the screen:
  4. M

    App Updates

    This may sound like a lame question, but I've always wondered. When there's an update to an app, does it delete the old app completely and replace it with a completely new version or does it just update the existing installation?
  5. Android News

    Flat screens on Samsung's Galaxy S lineup could soon be a thing of the past

    The success of the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge has Samsung executives contemplating the idea of killing off Galaxy S phones with flat displays. Samsung's mobile chief Dong-jin Koh mentioned in an interview that “Samsung has considered that it would make the edge display as the identity of the Galaxy...
  6. Android News

    CyanogenMod 13 nightlies now available for Sprint, US Cellular and Vodafone Galaxy S5

    If you're still rocking the Galaxy S5 and have been waiting to get your hands on CyanogenMod 13, those users on Sprint, US Cellular and Vodafone can now experience the greatness of Android Marshmallow.
  7. S

    Samsung Galaxy S won't start

    Hi my tablet will not start as I was downloading something and it went to a black screen(Maybe a system mode about the OS) and I turned it off, But since then my tablet will not start when I turn it on it states a application has stopped (e.g. IMG_0208.JGP). When I press Power+Volume down + home...
  8. Omniderb


    In S-Health app, after stopping steps, how do I resume steps?
  9. H

    SD card swap question

    I have a 16GB Galaxy 5 with an 8 GB SD card, which is close to full. I would like to replace that 8GB card with a 32GB. The current SD card has mostly music on it, but there is other stuff on there, like a folder for Android with a bunch of Data subfolders, and some other folders, which appear...
  10. CassandraNacht

    Help New SD Card Won’t Mount

    I have bought a new 16 GB SanDisk SD card for my Samsung Galaxy S (GT-I9000, Android 2.3.6). Using my computer, I uploaded my music and some pictures. Then, I first mounted the SD card to my Samsung tablet and copied the music files to it, because it has enough free space. After copying was...
  11. Android News

    Samsung Galaxy S7 lets you turn fast charging off

    While not a complete overhaul, Samsung has added a cool new feature to the Galaxy S7 that isn't available in other devices. If you need to charge your device with a standard charger, and not a fast-charger, there's a setting that will allow you to easily turn off fast-charging. This will help...
  12. D

    Connecting to PC with Omni 5.1 or Omni 6.0

    This is like deja vu. :( When I started using my i9000 5 or 6 years ago I had problems along with many others connecting to my PC. There is a long thread here detailing all of the problems encountered. Fast forward to a couple of days ago when I decided to try Omni 5.1 and Omni 6.0 ROMS on my...
  13. Android News

    PocketNow: Proper Android 6.0 Marshmallow rollout begins for Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

    Samsung has officially begun its Android Marshmallow rollout for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, but only in South Korea. Samsung has been testing experimental builds of the Android 6.0 update in the UK recently, so we should see the update hit other markets in the near future 0 hopefully...
  14. D

    Slimkat and camera

    If you made it easier to search THIS forum for the title above, I would use the search engine. But it is too difficult now. Sorry... I have Galaxy S ( i9000) with Slimkat4.4.2 KVT49L 4079 There are many improvements I like with it, particularly with the camera software. BUT, it comes at a...
  15. H

    Transferred Music Doesn't Show Up On Galaxy S, Help Please!

    Transferred music files not showing up on Galaxy S unless I "delete date" in media storage. When I do this I lose my playlists and gallery photos. The photos and music files are in the "files" folder but they don't show up in the Slacker music player or Gallery. Any help is much appreciated.
  16. B


  17. W

    Help How To Remove Facebook Entirely

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S3. For years I was a very active Facebook surfer. One day I made a comment on a "Mom's Demand Action" Anti-Gun group post saying that I had thought their "ISIS Brothers must be proud of their relentless efforts to disarm the country." The next day I was banished from...
  18. 6

    Help STRICTLY GalaxyS techs

    Afternoon: I've posted this same question in Android forums without getting an answer. So, it's possible I should be posting it here. I have a GalaxyS 1 (first gen) that is TV(DMB) and FM capable. I just can't seem to find how to activate the FM radio. Been all over seeking the answer. I...
  19. 6

    Help FM activation

    Well, hope I've found the forum that can help. I have the Korean Gal S also and would like to know how to “turn on” the FM radio? I've been all over the net and too many forums without an answer. Have D/l installed “galaxy-s-radio-widget” which tells me “FM Radio is turned off”. This is just one...
  20. D

    Help Really bricked!

    Hi Folks I could use some real expert help here. :( Here's the situation: Phone will turn on, as in screen comes on. Splash of Galaxy S and freezes there. I can get in to ROM CW screen. But it can't read my SD card!!! So I can't load any of the ROMS on the SD card. Swapping the SD card...
  21. W

    Help Sound only available on main speaker

    Hi, I have a Galaxy S I9000 running on Cyanogenmod 10.1.2. Recently, I tried to change some settings in an audio configuration file (/etc/audio_policy.conf), because I read in a tutorial on the Internet that I could improve my bluetooth audio quality this way. I didn't notice any change...
  22. AZgl1500

    Help Lollipop in Verizon, change the Notification Panel color

    I am terribly upset with Verizon, I did a FDR and reinstalled most of my apps to prevent 5.0 from installing. Well, before all of the apps could be restored again, 5.0 upgrade rammed it thru and it rebooted and did its' POS business. Fortunately I saw it about to happen and shut it off and...
  23. The_Librarian

    Root Samsung Galaxy S GT-i9000 successful root to CM

    Hi All My first post on these forums. Looks like a nice and friendly place :) Anyways, my first introduction to rooting/flashing was when I rooted my Nexus (2012 wifi) to Cyanogenmod 11. This was done because I was getting increasingly frustrated and fed up with the massive and epic lags. The...
  24. S

    Help Storage issues S4

    Hi Does anyone have any idea why the "apps" folder in my storage takes up around 8GB, when the apps inside the folder does not even add up to 2GB? I am having problems downloading and updating because of this, and I simply cannot delete any more apps for space... Help!
  25. D

    Help Backup contacts WITH photos

    Can it be done? If so, how does one do it on the i9000? TIA