Android Enthusiast
Aug 9, 2011
Was reading a review and read that this phone has no notification LED light? Is that true? Is there any other way on the phone to see if you have any notifications besides turning it on every time?
That information looks to be correct. The Mini does not include a notification/charging LED, so you'll have to turn the screen on to see what's up.
Apparently some S4 minis have a notification light and others do not. It depends on what country or market you are in. There is a recent thread on this somewhere, perhaps on another S4 mini forum.

I forgot to mention that mine does not have one. I'm in Canada, on the Rogers network.

My phone model number is SGH-I257M. I believe this is the Canadian model number. It would be interesting to know the various model numbers and which have the LED.
Ya, I actually validated this at my local Verizon store. The model sold here does have the notification LED... I might go buy myself one of these... Should have gotten it over Christmas. It was $50 cheaper.. I need to purchase it outright.