Help No new "Mr.Roboto" Look after ICS-Update


I have a problem with my Samsung Galaxy SII (free) - the new "Mr. Roboto" look is not fully installed after the ICS-update, including even every new function (camera, galery and so on), because of the Samsung TW system maybe? That's crap, sorry. I don't know, if it's a Samsung problem or something else. :(

I am from Germany and the update was installed over Kies today. Maybe someone ca help me...?

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There is nothing called a Mr.Roboto look in ICS.
Roboto is the new Font used in ICS and I'm sure you have it if the update was installed over Kies.
I think I understand what you are trying to say though, you are talking about the stock ICS look of the galaxy nexus, am I right? (the bluish look)
The official S2 rom uses TW launcher and apps are designed around that look. Though most do have a nice ICS overlay too.
The only way to get pure ICS look and feel is to change ROMs.


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Thank you, that's exactly what I wanted to know. The bluish look - Ok, learning by asking ;)

Is it possible to channge the title of the thread, so everything is clear?