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No ports..

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by -=Jeff=-, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. -=Jeff=-

    -=Jeff=- Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Looks like there is no USB or HDMI port on the MAXX. all wireless..

    I winder if someone makes an adpater as I have an App Radio I use with my Droid MAXX and need the HDMI connection of some sort to the Radio

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  2. jhawkkw

    jhawkkw Chinchillin'

    looking at the hands on video, there does seem to be a micro usb port on the bottom. Not having one would make it awfully hard to restore the phone if something goes wrong.
  3. -=Jeff=-

    -=Jeff=- Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    There is a video? (edit Found the video)

    looking at the pictrues on VZW and Moto don't show any ports.. specs also don't mention it..

    then again now that I think about it. the images don't show a door for the SIM either
  4. jhawkkw

    jhawkkw Chinchillin'

    Motorola DROID Maxx hands-on

    at 1:37, he flips it towards the bottom and it looks like the usb port. There's also a 3.5mm headphone jack port on the top. All 3 buttons (power, volume) are on the right side.
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  5. -=Jeff=-

    -=Jeff=- Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    yep just watched it.. I noticed the Moto X will not have the volume buttons on the side from video's I have seen.

    Now if I can find out exactly if the USB port is USB only or an MHL port..
  6. rushmore

    rushmore Extreme Android User

    I guess since Google had their dirty hands involved, there is no micro sd card slot on these devices.

    Update: Confirmed and a big fail for me. Shall stick with my S4 32gb WITH 64gb micro sd for media. Winning! :)

    Does Moto appreciate this will hurt sales? Perhaps they do, but Google imposed their Cartman-like authoritaaay.
  7. jhawkkw

    jhawkkw Chinchillin'

    Not sure. I don't think the Moto X does, but at least the Droid Maxx has is 32GB instead of just 16 like the Ultra and X
  8. -=Jeff=-

    -=Jeff=- Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Yes + for 32gb.. - for no SD slot..

    I am tempted to look at the S4 but I think Battery will be a fail fr me there.. my other downfall is I have an a AppRadio 2 in my weekend car and it needs a rooted phone with HDMI out or MHL.. I could always leave my older phone int he car and use Hot spot form my new phone.. or might just keep what I have too.. it still works
  9. Lucky Armpit

    Lucky Armpit Android Enthusiast

    Yeah I was a little disappointed that there's no MicroSD slot but at least the phone has 32 GB of internal storage. To be honest, the 16 GB internal storage and lack of MicroSD slot is what took the Moto X off the list for me. I have about 17-18 GB of music so I'd need at least 32 GB of storage (yeah, I'm weird, and like ALL my music local). I'm not a huge app person and I don't see my music collection doubling any time soon so it's the Droid Maxx for me... once there's a root method for it of course.

    That's assuming the internal storage isn't divided up in some stupid way like it is on my Razr Maxx to where 8 GB is "reserved" for the OS and only 8 GB is available for apps, music, storage, etc.
  10. Whatstreet

    Whatstreet Android Enthusiast

    The manual for the Droid Maxx does not seem to be available yet. I hope I can find a copy to down load soon.
  11. pirahna

    pirahna Well-Known Member

    I already preordered two of these. Finding out that there is no HDMI out or SD card is a major drag. It means I will probably be returning both of these. I don't understand why any phone wouldn't come with both of these features by now.
  12. Lucky Armpit

    Lucky Armpit Android Enthusiast

    Unfortunately, MicroSD slots are something the industry as a whole is moving away from. The only phones that still have them are Samsung if I recall correctly. I believe the last Moto phones to have them were the Razr line. The HD line from last year didn't have them either. Someone correct me if I'm wrong of course.
  13. pirahna

    pirahna Well-Known Member

    I currrently have a Razr Maxx HD and it has both the SD card slot and HDMI out.
  14. Lucky Armpit

    Lucky Armpit Android Enthusiast

    That's why I asked; wasn't completely sure. ;) Thanks for the clarification.
  15. rushmore

    rushmore Extreme Android User

    Samsung likes to differeniate (sometimes too much), so expect Samsung to continue offering sd cards, since they KNOW it gives them a market advantage in regards to OPTIONS for consumers. This will also be why I will continue buying Samsung phones :) Loved my Razr for the year I had it, but it has an sd slot ;)


    BTW, the HD line does have sd slots. You have to use a pin to unlock the cover to get to it. I do not think the other OEs actually get how much business they lose to Samsung because of this one feature. Samsung might start offering two slots, just out of spite to Google ;) The most common reason cited for the DNA sales failure was no sd slot.

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