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not receiving incoming calls and bank otp

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ganesh sakhare, Mar 18, 2019.

  1. ganesh sakhare

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    hi i am from india but currently in kenya for job. recently in dec'18 i bought nova-3. but now in feb'19 i started facing problem of not getting calls and bank otp on my vodafone sim card which is in sim-1 slot. I am following vodafone cust care in india but they are giving some basic solutions of changing slot, change to manual network selection etc. of which nothing is working. I dont know whether it is network issue (either vodafone or safaricom in kenya on which vodafone is registering for network, but my local safaricom sim is working nicely in sim-2 slot) or phone setting issue. While registering network it (voda sim) is getting registered on 3g network of safaricom. But voda sim is 4g. Before feb'19 i was not facing any problem having same mobile sim network etc.
    pls help.

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