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Not replacing INC just yet

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jbuck1984, Mar 31, 2011.

  1. jbuck1984

    jbuck1984 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    So who else is not replacing there incredible at their 1 year upgrade? I don't really see the point, the new phones that are coming out are nice, but the power upgrade doesn't seem to be that worth it. I was thinking about getting the HTC Thunderbolt, but I'm skeptical that this phone is not the best it can be and battery life is very sub par.

    What phone are you guys waiting for, and if that phone is not out yet what are the specs you are looking for?

    I'm really looking for a duel core phone with a slightly smaller size than the thunderbolt. I would like something as thinner than the incredible with improved battery life. Oh and gingerbread out of the box!

    Not sure what Honeycomb is suppose to look like on a phone, but based off of what I have tested on my nook color, I think that OS needs a little more work.


  2. suprafreak1000

    suprafreak1000 Android Enthusiast

    Although I'm on a 2 year, I'll still chime in. Definitely won't upgrade as of right now( though I do have an upgrade at my dispense to use from another line) since I don't see the Tbolt as much of an improvement to spend the money on it right now imo. I've already spent countless days messing around with a friends now and like I said, imo not really anything special. If there was an insane phone that came out I don't care what plan im on i'd spend 5+ bills to get it. Not the Tbolt though, and not with my upgrade either..

    I also hate the huge screens, one reason why I went with a Dinc, rather than sprint and an EVO, or the Droid X. anyone else still prefer smaller phones still lol?

    Really I want a 4 inch (at the most) screen, 4g, a gig of ram? and dual core. Only because, like the Dinc, I'd plan on keeping it for a good while. Like a full 2 years. Until a phone comes out like that, and I have good coverage of 4g, I'll be good with my Dinc :)
  3. incredible x4

    incredible x4 Well-Known Member

    Well first off, Honeycomb is not ment for phones. Google designed it to only work on tablets. So it would probably look like absolute garbage on a phone since it was never intended to be used on anything other tablets with large screens.

    Even if I was on a 1 year cycle for a new phone, there is nothing out there right now that would make me dump my Incredible. The TBolt is cool, but meh. I really don't need 4G and the rest of its specs are not that far ahead of the Incredible. I would really like to keep a 3.7" screen and I would REALLY REALLY like a phone with a physical keyboard, thats not a Motorola phone. But if the HTC Merge was ever released on Verizon and I had an upgrade available, good bye Incredible. You were a great phone but the keyboard of the Merge is too inticing, even though what I have heard of the Merge is a little step down from the Incredible.

    And at the pace Android is moving right now, I'm glad I have another year left before I get a new phone. By then, hopefully, Android will be optimized to handle the dual core phones and quad core :)eek:) should be getting in full swing, if the predictions I have heard turn out to be true. Who knows, by this time next year I may be looking at phones whose stats rival my moderatly decked out 8 month old Dell laptop I'm sitting in front of right now.
  4. whitewallman

    whitewallman Member

    Gonna keep enjoying my Incredible as well. It seems to be a tough act to follow, judging by what's out there now, and what's been announced. IMHO, they could just bring back the amoled, add sense 2, and they'd still draw a crowd.
  5. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    Indeed. I still love mine and recently added another line to my plan and picked an Incredible up for my fiance. It's a great phone and neither of us have had any problems except the obvious poor battery life.

    I'm still not sure why everyone is making such a fuss about amoled. Honestly, the entire reason they switched away from it is because Samsung couldn't keep up. My fiance's phone has slcd and I don't notice a single difference with the exception that my phone appears to be a little brighter. Honestly, I'm not sure that's just not the auto-brightness settings on both our phones being different. Hers also looks much better in the sunlight.

    Either way, great phones and I don't see myself changing away from it anytime soon. I'll either run this phone into the ground or another will come out and be cheap enough I won't feel like I'm indulging too much to get it.
  6. laurel25

    laurel25 Newbie

    I'm keeping my Inc, too. I have an upgrade that I can use, but I just can't find anything that I think will be better, plus I live in an area that probably won't see 4G for at least another year, so I'm not the least bit interested in the TB. I also just got a new Droid 2 Global (won it in a drawing) and I've got to say, that phone blows compared to the Inc. Download speeds seems much slower and the it's just not as responsive as the the Inc.
  7. jikhead

    jikhead Android Expert

    Not interested in the TB. My next phone must have a dualcore and be 4G, and at least better battery life than the TB is getting. Waiting to see the Bionic.
  8. ToyotaTacoma

    ToyotaTacoma Android Enthusiast

    I had the thunderbolt for about 10 days... I am very happy I returned it and I am back with my Incredible..

    I am not in a 4g market, so that was a mute point. The battery was just plain awful. I see it being defended a lot by people on these forums, but it was a deal breaker for me. I will stick with my Incredible and won't be early adopting any new phone until I have read enough good reviews to help with my decision.
  9. NewPepper

    NewPepper Well-Known Member

    Sticking with the Dinc. Got mine on launch day and this phone still has 2 years of life in it, though it may be EOL at verizon it's still as good as the newest 3G phones and 4G is still just emerging. My next device is dual core, maybe 4" but no bigger. But seriously, I haven't found anything that the Incredible can't do, so why get rid of it?
  10. Kori_Tamashii

    Kori_Tamashii Android Enthusiast

    I'm waiting for the DINC2. Engadget gave it a STELLAR review, and since I'm not expecting 4G where I live for some time, it should make for a nice transition device.
  11. Old Member

    Old Member Android Expert

    3D phones should be out by the end of the year which corresponds nicely with my upgrade date of 12/28. I will wait until those come out and pick the best one. 4" screen, dual core, most recent OS, HTC new Sense, LTE, 3D phone.
  12. Jakaro

    Jakaro Android Enthusiast

    I may trade in my phone for the new HTC Flyer, that looks awesome.
  13. Old Member

    Old Member Android Expert

    Isn't that a tablet?
  14. pucrepeap

    pucrepeap Well-Known Member

    I've convinced my wife to actually upgrade her phone TO and incredible on it's birthday. She's due for an upgrade, and I still don't see any other phones that wow me enough. I got my DInc on launch day, but will wait until years end to see what's new then. Another high end HTC phone is what I'll be keeping a lookout for then.
  15. pucrepeap

    pucrepeap Well-Known Member

    Incredible users criticizing battery life on the Thunderbolt....dang it must be really bad.
  16. WBMc36

    WBMc36 Android Enthusiast

    keeping the incredible until it breaks or something dual core with an unlocked bootloader comes out, hopefully htc, since i am not a fan of moto at all.
  17. drmartini

    drmartini Lurker

    Better battery life, dual core, more memory and better syncing with the music, pics, and movies I already have. Before I get jumped all over, the battery life is an absolute dealbreaker, I will not buy another laptop in my lifetime and I currently love my mac desktop. I travel a lot, I need a phone that can keep up with me. Its going to be the iPhone 5. It might not be everyone's situation, but it will fit me perfectly.
  18. DevHead

    DevHead Well-Known Member

    I think I'm going to downgrade back to the old Moto Razr v9m.
  19. FramCire

    FramCire Android Expert

    With Gingerbread, the Incredible is even better than i thought when i got it. If it doesnt break down, I will be keeping it for a long while. In fact looking for an Incredible for my wife now (she has Eris that is tooo laggy).

    The only thing that would entice me to move to a new phone with larger screen is Netflix streaming.
  20. Flyphoenix

    Flyphoenix Well-Known Member

    I'm in the graveyard with the Eris about to get my first replacement. Wish I had a INC! I agree about these new phones not being anything special.
  21. slbailey1

    slbailey1 Android Enthusiast

    I'm keeping mine too. The reasons are:
    1. The Incredible will be getting Gingerbread.
    2. LTE is not in my area and want be for a long time.
    3. I want at least Ice Cream on my next phone.
    4. Don't like the larger screens.
    5. Getting a tablet before the end of the year. Will be moving most of my activities to the tablet.
    6. The Incredible still works great and i love it!!
  22. jayefef

    jayefef Android Enthusiast

    I'll be keeping the Incredible for a while too for these reasons too. although I think since we're all in on the Incredible getting 2.3 we may be in for disappointment. I still need to see where LTE pricing will be by 2012 (when my contract is up). Maybe, just maybe, I'll want to stick around on the "slow" 3G network if LTE pricing is ridiculous. Hopefully VZW does the right thing and build out their network to keep customers happy and not just bleed them dry.

    The Incredible is still correctly named. Could this be an HTC top 5 best handset?
  23. hrbib21

    hrbib21 Android Expert

    My sentiments exactly. Only thing I'd add is a FFC.
  24. jamor

    jamor Android Expert

    Right now is the absolute best time to keep your Incredible. More than any other time in history!

    Keep this baby as long as you can if you are a rooter/customizer:

    1) New phones are being locked down by carriers and google. Open source is coming to an end (you can thank the idiots that brick their phones rooting and send them in for warranty replacement).

    2) Milk unlimited 3g/data as long as possible.
  25. jbuck1984

    jbuck1984 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    New phones are being locked down? How so? is this the honeycomb open source news we have all been hearing about? I read another article today that they are not releasing honeycomb as they are not really done with it yet, and don't want companies putting the software on overpriced buggy hardware. Eric Schmidt explicitly said something along the lines that their commitment to opensource will remain, but they are trying to reduce defragmentation.

    Back on track now, I am def keeping Incredible for as long as possible. Duel core is where my next phone needs to be, and to your point above, I want to see root capabilities. I could care less about warranty voids, and the harder they try to lock down the system, the more devs are going to fight back.

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