Root Notifications app??


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Ok, wondering if anyone knows of an app that will do what I am looking for.

Attached is my home scree;


As you will see I have my Phone, Message and Gmail Icons on the middle of the screen.

Is there an app that will show a notification should I get a message/email/missed call.

I know you can do it if they are on the dock, but that is not what I am looking for.


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There is an ADW Launcher notification app which *might* do it. You don't need to use ADW to use the launcher.

I don't use it so can't say that it will do it, I know that it can be used to add notifications to widgetlocker widgets, so it's probably worth a look.


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I should warn you though, if your using the latest update of Gmail, you will *NOT* get any on screen notifications via ANY unread/notification app due to API security changes implemented by google in the latest update of Gmail.