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Odd POP3 email issue

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by docjeep, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. docjeep

    docjeep Lurker
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    Just had an odd thing happen. Was wondering if I should worry or just let it go.

    I've had the phone for almost 2 months and LOVE IT!. Have had multiple email accounts set up including my main POP3 personal email and work exchange server using the stock email app. Never had any issues with this.

    Earlier this week I got the 2.3.6 update and have it installed with no issues, even appears to have improved my battery life somewhat, no real hard numbers just some seems to do better.

    Well today I tried to send an email using my personal POP3 account. Network is spotty at my work, and typically just an EDGE connection. It appeared to be sending and I set the phone aside. Checked tonight while home as I had BCCed myself and didn't have an email, and it the email was sitting in the outbox. Tried sending it again (over my home wifi) and get a connection error. Rechecked account settings, sent test emails to multiple addresses and everything works, but this one email will not send. I did notice in the notification bar something interesting when ever I send an email also. I get a notification "sending" then "sending failed null", then "sent", and it has been sent. I don't ever remember seeing the "sending failed null" notice in the past.

    Anyone seen something like this before?

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