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Official Samsung GALAXY S7 Stock Firmware Collection (Still Working On Thread)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Cyberdev, Sep 12, 2018.

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    Welcome to my personal official Samsung GALAXY S7 All Variants Firmware Collection!

    All firmwares shown are untouched and 100% Stock, this means no modifications has been made to these firmwares


    * PC (Win 7+ or Higher)

    * USB Cable (We recommend using the OEM USB, instead of a 3rd party but us optional of what usb you use)

    * Samsung USB Drivers (Used to detect and properly install the S7 Drivers for PC to reconize it)

    * Odin v3.13.1 (required to flash firmware)

    Okay now i cannot upload every firmware unless everyone can pitch in their carrier and model we already have the following up: SM-G930T (T-Mobile)

    The reason for this thread is to give users options to download their latest firmwares of a specific version of android samsung has released abd give the user tge best download speeds so they dont have to wait hours to download a 2.4GB firmware and waste time.

    So the following provider we are using to host these firnwares are shown below and will contain a link to download thr app becasue it is required to download if your downloading from android:


    Download MEGA For Android Free: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=mega.privacy.android.app

    Now each variant will have a dedicated section on this thread not by comments but in thread itself so if your looking for a specific model you may need to scroll down if your model isn't the 1st in line, instructions on how to flash firmware will be below the thread.

    Available Models

    Samsung GALAXY S7 SM-G930T T-Mobile Firmwares

    8.0.0 SDK 26 Official SM-G930T Stock Firmware: https://mega.nz/#F!aXwEGSDZ!D2ZToQr6FZBBWNgU0JkKVQ

    7.0 SDK 25 Official SM-G930T Stock Firmware: https://mega.nz/#F!Of5wWarY!abwVUR2f0HA8L6gMStq-Rw

    6.0.1 SDK 23 Official SM-G930T Official Stock Firmware: https://mega.nz/#F!yL4yBQYS!L4bMYY_YdVFw4YNRDex6XQ



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    NOTICE: This Guide will show how to flash the Firnware on any S7, However Odin is a powerful tool that can also brick your device if you fail to follow directions or mistakenly flashed a file that isn't made for your device..USE CAUTION AS I DO NOT TAKE ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY DAMAGES THAT OUCCURS EVEN FROM USING THIS GUIDE...USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

    Ensure you downloaded everything stated in the OP as you will need them and ensure their already installed because i will not go in depth of the install process yet in this guide i will make a seperate guid below this one soon with all that info!

    Step 1: Prepare your phone by turning it off and press the following button combination "Power+Vol Down" you will see a message explaining about a warning of a custom OS just press the "Vol Up" Button to continue & plug in your S7 to your PC via USB!

    Step 2: Now extract the firmware you downloaded because odin does not reconize zip files and place all the extracted files into the same folder as your odin.exe is in.

    Step 3: Now run odin, you can either run in normally or in "Administrator Mode" and odin should pull up with a message in the log to the bottom right saying "Added", if you so not see this then either the drivers hasnt finished installing or none has been installed for odin to reconize the device.

    Step 4: Now below you will see a diagram of what you need to put in the fields the only one you do not need to fill is the "USERDATA" field unless firmware requires it, but isn't 100% needed
    Source: TechALike

    Now be aware in order to find witch one goes where each file that was extract has a initial that is displayed like this: "CSC,HOME, CP, AP & BL" the image shows on a older version of odin witch the S7 doesnt support so take the image with a grain of salt as its only purpose is to show a diagram here is what the Initials mean and that should help, keep in mind i do not know 100% of the names.

    BL (Bootloader)

    AP (Artificial Partition)

    CP (....)

    CSC (Cellular Service Codec)


    Step 5: Now each field in odin will take time to load it up depending on size of the file your loading into odin this means during this process do not touch or do other things untill it show up in the field, otherwise odin will freeze, once all fields with the appropriate files are loaded, you can now start flashing your S7.

    Step 6: Now once all files are loaded start flashing your s7, this will take sometime so do not turn off your device, pc or use your pc during this operation as odin has a tendecy to freeze if you do other tasks, once its completed it will notify you if it passed with geen icon of the top left or a fail with a red icon, once its completed, your device will automatically reboot.

    Keep in mind that your device may get hot during this flash and boot, this is perfectly normal!
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