Help Ok google doesn't work unless i have my headphones connected

Hello, I have this problem with my xiaomi redmi note 8 for 2 months and it is driving me crazy.

One day my "ok google" command stopped being answered by the cell phone. Try everything (battery saver, reconfigure voice, reinstall wizard, update google app) and nothing. Yesterday I discovered that when the headset is connected, ok google works without problems.

I know what you are thinking, the internal microphone of my cell phone should not be working. But the strangest thing is that it works perfectly and in fact the google application can make use of it. It just doesn't respond to the "ok google" command unless the headphones are connected.

I thank you in advance


DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!
try the phone in safe mode. this will determine if a 3rd party app is the root cause. if it is still happening then you might want to consider doing a factory reset. if that does not work then you might want to flash a firmware if possible. all of these suggestions will help to determine if this is a software issue or a hardware issue. if none of them works then it is a failure in your hardware.

Luca Castello

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I just searched and ok google does not work in safe mode on any cellphone

I dont want to make a factory reset for this, it has no sense, and is not a hardware problem because like i said the mic works 100%.