Help Outlook 2003 - HTC Calender Duplication


I have a problem with a particular event stored in my Outlook (2003) calender that duplicates itself 4 days later in the HTC.

The event is set for the last working day of every month in Outlook, but when synchronised, not only does that date appear (correctly) on the HTC, a second one is made 4 days later.

When I delete the second event (all occurrences), the correct event also gets deleted, then this is reflected back into my Outlook calender and deleted there, too.

I've tried all sorts of permutations but it seems the HTC program has a problem with "Last working day of the month" parameter. Is that correct?


I wish I had an answer for you MikeOxsaw. I sync my calendar with my google calendar but I do not use Outlook. I hope someone can confirm this calendar shortcoming for you. I mostly popped in to say hello and extend a welcome to Android Forums to you. I hope you enjoy these forums and that the friendly members can help you with your calendar problem.