Pearshaped Hero.


Hi everyone,

My hero has refused to accept any simcard.

It was originally on Orange but from what I can gather from the previous owner was unlocked by one of those ebay blokes.

The phone is being used on O2 and has worked for a few weeks since I had it but now al of a sudden the phone dispays an image of a simcard with an X in a red circle with the words emergency calls only at the bottom of the screen. I have tried two different O2 sims and a couple of Orange sims and all of them display the same screen.

I have downloaded the latest Orange software from the HTC site and installed it and that has done nothing. Also factory resetted it before that.

I had this problem buying a second hand phone from ebay.
It sounds to me the phone has been blocked because it has been reported lost or stolen .

This usually happens when the seller of the phone sells it on then after a few weeks reports it lost or stolen and claims on the insurance.

The original network can block the phone ever working again.

If you ring the original network ( Orange in your case) and quote the imei number they can tell you.


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Hi Mate,

Thanks for the quick reply.

I spoke with Orange just now and they said there was no record of the Imei number on their system at all. Sounds very strange to me.
Obviously not an Orange Hero then!

If it had been blocked all the uk networks would have your imei number on their systems.

Sorry can't help you on this one.


One cause of this problem could be thatyou haven't locked the SIM in place, when you inserted it. This keeps the phone from recognizing the SIM. I'm just saying this because as the phone is new to you, it could be thatyou didn't know this.