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Apr 18, 2011
Last week my phone rebooted after I uninstalled an app. Two days ago it rebooted while I was playing Eternity Warriors. Today I was taking some pictures at work for a report. After some pictures, I enabled the flash because I got into a dark area. At the time the flash came out, the phone simply rebooted without even asking :)D). I had to wait until it started over. The last picture was gone. Other thing I noticed is that the brightness was set to 100% after reboot when its normally setted to 30% to save battery life.

Weird things going on. Any comments?
Yes, I do have the advance task killer. How could this affect my phone? Warranty claim is not a possibility for me cause I bought my phone from amazon.
Here’s the thing… Android task killers improve your phone's performance while also boosting battery life—or at least that's the much-debated promise. but in fact they cause more issues than they solve.
You are likely doing more harm than good by killing tasks that aren’t ready to end. I was the same way when I first got my first phone. There were tons of things running that I didn’t want so I just kept killing them. After a few weeks I realized that if I stopped using a task killer (and totally uninstalled it in fact) my phone actually began to run better! The applications would close themselves and things just seemed to be running better.
So just try to uninstall the one that you have to make sure that it wasn't causing the problem that you have, then, If you are absolutely going to use a Task killer, be careful. Also, please try running without one, you might be pleasantly surprised. :)

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I did uninstalled it yesterday, I will check it for a week to see the improvement on my speed. Thanks for the advice.